Season 1 | Dr. Savannah Wild Rose Vet


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Season 1

Episode 1- Living my Dream
Meet Dr. Savannah Howse-Smith, a mixed animal veterinarian living out her childhood dream in rural Alberta.
Episode 2- The Human Element
Dr. Savannah’s love for animals shines through as she helps a baby goat with a heart problem, a sickly dachshund, and an anxious hairless guinea pig.
Episode 3- Metis like Me
Dr. Savannah is excited to mentor Rocky Rapids’ newest Indigenous veterinarian, but can Dr. Dayle meet her mentor’s' high expectations on her very first day at the clinic?
Episode 4- Feels like Home
Dr. Savannah visits her Métis homeland to do a health check on a bison herd. During her visit, she learns about her heritage and dives deeper into her identity as a Métis woman.
Episode 5- The Fawn and the Hound
Savannah and local wildlife rescuers race against time to heal and return an injured fawn back into the wild after a cougar attack.
Episode 6- Dog's Best Friend
In this episode, Dr. Savannah visits Indigenous communities to provide care for the residents’ furry companions. From adorable newborn puppies to old hound dogs, Dr. Savannah works tirelessly to keep rural Alberta’s canine friends healthy and safe.
Episode 7- The Human/Animal Bond
Dr. Savannah explores the loving connection between humans and their pets when two of her longtime clients lose their beloved ferret.
Episode 8- Purple Saxifrage Vet
Dr. Savannah travels to the Arctic town of Cambridge Bay, Nvt., to volunteer her services at a vet clinic. For the town’s residents, this is the only chance they will have all year to seek medical advice regarding the health and wellbeing of their pets.
Episode 9- Into the Wild
From inner-city wildlife rescues to managing local beehives to performing an emergency c-section on a pregnant job nor animal is too big or too small for Dr. Savannah to handle.