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Season 1

Episode 1
Meet four Indigenous athletes who are riding on the North American rodeo circuit and risking it all for glory: Coy Doore, Travis Maguire, PJ Fox and Raven Shade. Each experience teaches them about themselves and brings them closer to achieving their dreams.
Episode 2
The competitors face ups and downs as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc on their regular rodeo season. PJ hosts a birthday jackpot, Travis and Coy get back on some bulls for the first time in a while and Raven discovers more about her heritage.
Episode 3
Raven Shade deals with being a different kind of rider on the rodeo circuit and Curly Twigg clashes with a stock contractor when his bronc ride goes dangerously wrong. Raven’s grandfather reveals the roots of her Blackfoot name.
Episode 4
With the help of his dad, Dallas Young Pine takes on his first season riding broncs. Meanwhile, PJ Fox says goodbye to her beloved horse. At a local rodeo, Curly hopes to end his buck-off streak and Travis believes he can "make the eight."
Episode 5
PJ Fox struggles to compete after the recent death of her grandfather. Mark Big Tobacco battles nerves as he returns to compete in bareback for the first time since he shattered his collarbone. Harry Good Eagle and his team reveal the healing nature of horses.
Episode 6
Dallas Leather gets his first shot as a professional bullfighter at Bulls on the Beach. Coy Doore has a rough ride to start the season, while Travis confronts some life-changing news. Then, we meet rider Zachery King and witness a spectacular wreck.
Episode 7
Raven Shade’s love of dogs may jeopardize her chances of bringing home a win at the Jimi-Jo Memorial Rodeo. Meanwhile, Dallas Young Pine struggles to get his head in the game as he competes against his old rival, Curly Twigg.
Episode 8
A few big wrecks threaten to cut Ty and Dallas Young Pine’s rodeo season short. Cameron Bruised Head, a former world champion, returns to the arena at a rodeo in Lethbridge. He hopes to win back a top spot in the rankings!
Episode 9
After a string of disappointments, PJ Fox is determined to win the world championship in honour of her late grandfather. Dallas Young Pine struggles with a stock contractor and Lionel Shade arrives on the bronc riding scene.
Episode 10
A few wrecks make Zachery King question the future of his season. Seven-year-old Kipp Maguire considers following in his dad’s footsteps and getting on a bull for the first time. Don Shade explains the special relationship between Blackfoot people and horses.
Episode 11
The Ponoka Rodeo is the last chance to qualify for the world championships in Las Vegas. Veteran Bill T. Head knows what it takes to win, but will his son be able to carry on his legacy? Our competitors take one last ride to see who will make it to the finals.
Episode 12
Cameron, Lionel, PJ and Jake travel to Las Vegas, each determined to become the next world champion. Cameron goes head-to-head with past champ, Jayco Roper, while Lionel attempts to recover from some big buck-offs.
Episode 13
It’s the last round of the Indian National Finals Rodeo world championships in Las Vegas. Cameron competes against some tough young talent, hoping to come out on top. Multiple hard buck-offs jeopardize Lionel’s chances and PJ struggles to stay true to herself.