Season 2 | Riverdale


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Season 2

Episode 1- A Kiss Before Dying
As Fred's life hangs in the balance following the shooting at Pop's diner, Archie struggles with the emotional aftermath of what he witnessed.
Episode 2- Nighthawks
With the gunman still at large and the residents of Riverdale on edge, Betty leads the charge to save Pop's after learning that the diner may be forced to close its doors forever.
Episode 3- The Watcher in the Woods
Frustrated by the lack of progress made in catching his father's shooter, Archie takes matters into his own hands in order to send the gunman a message.
Episode 4- The Town That Dreaded Sundown
When Archie's attempt to take matters into his own hands spirals out of control, Mayor McCoy (guest star Robin Givens) calls an emergency town hall meeting to deal with the growing chaos in Riverdale.
Episode 5- When a Stranger Calls
Betty turns to Archie for help after receiving an ultimatum that could potentially destroy some of her closest relationships.
Episode 6- Death Proof
After a charge led by Mayor McCoy threatens to further escalate tensions between the North and Southside, Jughead, along with Archie , tries to put a stop to a dangerous alliance being considered between the Serpents and a long-time rival.
Episode 7- Tales From the Darkside
Riverdale remains on edge after a chilling letter from the Black Hood challenges the town's residents to remain sinless for 48 hours - or he'll strike again.
Episode 8- House of the Devil
Archie and Veronica reach a crossroad in their relationship, but are forced to push their issues aside after Jughead and Betty ask them to take over the Black Hood investigation.
Episode 9- Silent Night, Deadly Night
Betty and Archie's vow to take down the Black Hood once and for all leads to a dangerous showdown.
Episode 10- The Blackboard Jungle
Tensions mount when the sudden shut down of Southside High forces Jughead and his fellow serpents to transfer to Riverdale High.
Episode 11- The Wrestler
Betty unearths some dark secrets about her brother Chic (guest star Hart Denton), and Veronica and Josie clash as they prepare for their Picken's Day performance.
Episode 12- The Wicked and the Divine
Veronica becomes concerned that Archie, who's agreed to be Hiram's "intern," may be learning too much about her family's secret business dealings.
Episode 13- The Tell-Tale Heart
Betty turns to Jughead for help when the consequences of a hasty decision come back to haunt her. Elsewhere, Archie is forced to make a tough decision after Agent Adams takes things one step too far.
Episode 14- The Hills Have Eyes
Determined to uncover Hiram's plans for Riverdale, Jughead uses his time at the lake house to press Veronica about what she may know.
Episode 15- There Will Be Blood
After learning that his dad is considering running for mayor of Riverdale, Archie begins to grow concerned that the Lodges may have found their newest pawn in Fred.
Episode 16- Primary Colors
In the aftermath of Hiram's newly announced plans for Riverdale, Jughead resorts to drastic measures to voice his opposition.
Episode 17- The Noose Tightens
Just as the town's mayoral race gets underway, Riverdale High's own student council election heats up.
Episode 18- A Night to Remember
As Riverdale High begins rehearsals for its upcoming production of "Carrie the Musical," the arrival of an ominous letter forces director Kevin to make a difficult decision about the show.
Episode 19- Prisoners
The reveal of a devastating secret leads to a violent showdown between Chic (guest star Hart Denton), Jughead, Betty and Alice.
Episode 20- Shadow of a Doubt
As the town's mayoral race between Fred and Hermione heats up, Hiram sets his sights on a new ally - Sheriff Minetta (guest star Henderson Wade).
Episode 21- Judgment Night
When an incident at the Sheriff's station triggers an all-out war between the North and the Southside, Archie and Jughead find themselves in the fight of their lives.
Episode 22- Brave New World
Betty confronts her darkest demons.