Qanurli | Season 7


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Season 7

Episode 1 – Groundhog Day
What happens when your worst nightmare is on rerun? Inuk has moved to Greenland to work on a book leaving Nipangi to run UqausivuTV. Adjusting to life without his co-host has been a nightmare x5

Episode 2 – Wheel of Dream
Nipangi tries to discover new and hidden talents. What is he good at? Perhaps hockey? Or maybe carving or heart surgery? Hopefully no fires are set.

Episode 3 – The Retreat
Uu notices that the team morale has been very low. Aa suggests a team retreat in Greenland ideally, but if not, Ontario would do.

Episode 4 – Seal out of Water
After the dramatic beginning of the team retreat, the group gets to have some fun swimming, horse back riding and going for long walks in the forest. None of it goes well

Episode 5 – Bylaw Infraction
Back in the big city of Iqaluit, Uu receives a parking ticket from the bylaw. She’s so fed up with the bylaw’s power-tripping behaviour that she decides to run for city council.

Episode 6 – Chaos in da streets
Uu’s fresh from her city council victory, makes changes to policy that horribly affects traffic in Iqaluit. After a tragic collision with some bannock and a passing vehicle, Uu finally confronts the bylaw.

Episode 7 – The Portal
Billy Naittuq finally discovers the icy location of the portal. After jumping in, Billy sets off on a weird quest, while unintentionally opening the elevator doors to another reality for Nipangi.

Episode 8 – Storm Chips
Have you ever been trapped in an Iqaluit blizzard? The gang grab their storm chips and milk and settle in to survive the challenges of winter.

Episode 9 – Scary Movi
After being held up in the UqausivuTV station, the gang start to get the feeling that something else might be lurking in the dark halls. Could something (like the Mahaha) have followed Billy back from the portal?

Episode 10 – Back to the Portal
After discovering the Mahaha breach, Billy reopens the portal and lands in an alternate universe, where everything is the same – but different.

Episode 11 – Hiccuper Finds his voice
Hiccupper has been with us since season 3. Now is your chance to finally hear what he has to say, but it’s Etua Sinuupa who voices this funny and sweet episode.

Episode 12 – The Dinner Party
Uu and Nipangi make the big decision to take their relationship to the next level – and move in together! To celebrate they invite all their friends over for a dinner party!

Episode 13 – Qanurli?
It’s been 7 seasons. The cast and crew look back at what the show has been like for them and say thanks for watching!