Season 2 | Nunavummi Mamarijavut


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Season 2

Episode 1- My Seal Hunt
Host Malaya Qaunirq Chapman goes on a seal hunt in Arctic Bay.

Episode 2- Artic Harvest
Malaya makes bannock with arctic plants in Arctic Bay.

Episode 3- Country food then and now
Three elders talk with Malaya about foods in the days compared to now.

Episode 4- My caribou hunt
Malaya goes on a caribou hunt outside of Chesterfield Inlet.

Episode 5- Issaluk family hunts caribou
Malaya goes on a caribou hunt with the Issaluk family.

Episode 6- Family feast and town history
Kevin’s family enjoys a feast at home. The mayor of Chesterfield Inlet talk’s about history and Joshua Akavak cooks maktaaq soup.

Sanikiluaq seal
Malaya cooks with Kelly Fraser.

Episode 8- Community feast Sanikiluaq
Malaya attends a feast in Sanikiluaq and makes Inuk ice cream and goose stew.

Episode 9- Sea urchins
Malaya learns how to eat sea urchins in Sanikiluaq.

Episode 10- Clyde river dog team
Malaya goes dog teaming to a cabin. Malaya helps catch a seal with a net and prepares a meal at Piqqusilirivvik College.

Episode 11- Bowhead sushi
Malaya makes bowhead sushi.

Episode 12- Malaya’s favorite food
Malaya prepares spaghetti with scallops and spaghetti carbonara with cod, bacon and eggs.

Episode 13- Bannock sausage & Arctic Bay fish and mataaq
Malaya learns an interesting way to make bannock. Fish and maktaaq and are cooked over an open fire in Arctic Bay.