Season 3 | Northern Exposure


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Season 3

Episode 1- The Bumpy Road to Love
When a statue is risen in Rick's memory, Maggie learns of his infidelity through a stranger's eulogy. Meanwhile, Adam returns and makes Joel go with him to treat his hypochondriac wife.
Episode 2-Only You
Chris begins attracting all the women in town, almost. Joel tries to study the phenomenon. Maggie has an eye exam and finds out she's far-sighted. Maurice and Holling have a dispute over a picture.
Episode 3-Oy, Wilderness
Joel and Maggie are forced to make an emergency landing and become stranded. They end up surprising each other. Shelley has a visit from her best friend from home, Cindy. When Cindy asks for a divorce, Shelley gets mad.
Episode 4-Animals R Us
Maggie is approached by a dog whom she believes to be Rick reincarnated while Maurice tries to make a business scheme out of Marilyn's ostrich farm.
Episode 5- The Body in Question
While fishing, Chris finds the body of a man frozen in ice. Maurice looks upon this as a business opportunity as a battle begins over the body. Ed takes a job at Ruth Anne's store. Joel explores his Jewish faith.
Episode 6- Roots
Chris's brother/'karmic' doppleganger comes to town. Joel's ex-fiancé Elaine shows up looking for comfort. Adam shows up asking for money and takes a job at the Brick.
Episode 7- A-Hunting We Will Go
Chris and Holling head out on their annual hunting trip when Joel asks to go along. Ruth Anne has a birthday, but wants to avoid a fuss. Shelly organizes a party for her.
Episode 8- Get Real
After their bus breaks down, a circus visits Cicely. Marilyn gets a proposal. Holling and Shelley have a fight.
Episode 9- Seoul Mates
It's Christmas in Cicely and Maurice is approached by a Korean man who turns out to be his son.
Episode 10- Cicely
In an effort to sell more issues of his newspaper, Maurice hires pathological liar Adam to write for it.
Episode 11- Our Tribe
Joel is given a goat by a patient. After he objects, the patient decides to make him part of their tribe, but there are some tasks he must perform first. Holling mysteriously closes the bar and sends Shelley out of town.
Episode 12- Things Become Extinct
Holling undergoes a midlife crisis when his uncle dies and Ed makes a documentary about a man who makes flutes.
Episode 13- Burning Down the House
Maggie's mother comes for a visit and delivers some surprising news. Chris builds a catapult. Joel discovers someone's secret identity.
Episode 14- Democracy in America
When a new candidate signs up for the upcoming mayoral election in Cicely, this triggers a large amount of activity among the residents.
Episode 15- The Three Amigos
Maurice and Holling venture into the Alaskan wilderness to bury a recently deceased friend.
Episode 16- Lost and Found
When Joel complains of ghost-like rumblings in the house, Maggie thinks it could be the loner who committed suicide in it decades before, so she orders an exorcism of the house.
Episode 17- My Mother, My Sister
Shelly's mom surprises her with a visit, boasting about her new main squeeze, a really young Army man.
Episode 18- Wake Up Call
Spring arrives in Cicely and with it comes more quirky behavior from its residents: Shelly has a skin rash, Holling decides to give away eggs, Joel gets a lesson in medical care and Maggie has a reawakening with the help of a handsome stranger.
Episode 19- The Final Frontier
During the Northern Lights, Cicely is infused with Japanese tourists, Holling decides to go in search of Jessie the bear and Maggie and the townsfolk are curious when a package arrives that is covered with foreign stamps.
Episode 20- It Happened in Juneau
Joel looks forward to a weekend in Juneau, hoping to spend it with attractive female physicians. But, instead, he winds up in a hotel suite with Maggie who clearly cramps his style.
Episode 21- Our Wedding
Adam prepares to marry Eve. At his bachelor party, the men ruminate on the differences between men and women. Meanwhile, Eve lets an enthusiastic Shelly take over the wedding plans. And, Maggie and Joel try to finish what they started in Juneau.
Episode 22- Cicely
Joel encounters a 108-year-old man who has come home to Cicely. He tells Joel that Cicely, founded by two incredible, free-thinking women named Roslyn and Cicely, was once considered the "Paris of the North".