Season 2 | Northern Exposure


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Season 2

Episode 1- Goodbye to All That
The townspeople try to cheer up Joel after his fiancee dumps him.
Episode 2- The Big Kiss
Ed goes on a spirit quest to find his parents; Chris loses his voice and must sleep with the most beautiful woman in town to recover it; to that aim, he invites Maggie to dinner. When Joel mocks her charm, Maggie takes on the challenge.
Episode 3- All Is Vanity
Maggie purports Joel to be her boyfriend to gain her father's approval; Holling comes to a very personal decision.
Episode 4- What I Did for Love
A charming replacement and Maggie's premonition of death make Joel reconsider his trip to New York.
Episode 5- Spring Break
Holling picks fights with patrons; Ed seeks a once-a-year kleptomaniac; Maurice falls for a trooper.
Episode 6- War and Peace
Everyone except Maurice welcomes a vacationing Russian; Holling has nightmares; Ed falls in love.
Episode 7- Slow Dance
Rick's death by falling satellite further enhances Maggie's reputation; Maurice meets prospective hoteliers.
Episode 8- Jules et Joel
Shortly after hitting his head, Joel is visited by his identical twin brother, Jules, and changes places with him for a day. Meanwhile, Chris is contacted by a bomber who wants to turn himself in.