Season 2 | Michif Country


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Season 2

Episode 1 - Sheila North Wilson
Métis Elder Earl St. Goddard spends his days outdoors hunting, trapping and fishing with his family. In this episode of “Michif Country,” Earl and his family share their favourite winter activities with Indigenous leader Sheila North Wilson.
Episode 2 - Kyle Nobess
“Michif Country” welcomes Métis actor and screenwriter Kyle Nobess on a commercial fishing expedition with the Chartrand family. Kyle’s grandfather grew up in St. Laurent, so it is also an opportunity for him to connect with his ancestry.
Episode 3 - Earl Wood
In this episode of “Michif Country,” expert Métis hunter Charles Langelier takes Cree hockey announcer Earl Wood bowhunting to harvest a bear. Before the hunt, Earl shares one of his hunting rituals by smudging, a new and welcome experience for Charles.
Episode 4 - KC Adams
In this episode of “Michif Country,” activist and artist KC Adams joins local Métis fishers to fish carp in Delta Marsh near St. Laurent. KC is also on the lookout for clay near the waterways for her own water vessel, an artistic clay pot piece.
Episode 5 - Sage Paul
In this episode of “Michif Country,” fashion designer, artist and city slicker Sage Paul heads out on the trapline with legendary Métis trappers. Watch Sage face her fears as she partakes in her very first hunt.
Episode 6 - John Chabot
In this episode of “Michif Country,” former NHL star and hockey mentor John Chabot heads to the trapline with legendary trappers Earl St. Goddard and Rene Coutu. John also hits the ice with local minor hockey players.
Episode 7 - Andrina Turenne
Métis musician and cultural ambassador Andrina Turenne visits “Michif Country” to hunt with local Métis hunting guide Charles Langelier. Although Andrina has hunted moose and deer, this is her first time personally harvesting a deer.
Episode 8 - Arnold Asham
Indigenous businessman Arnold Asham traps and sets up snares with legendary Métis trappers Earl and Rene. Arnold, famous for his line of curling gear and for touring with his dance troupe, is an experienced trapper himself and shares his own knowledge.
Episode 9 - Paul Rabliauskas
In the season finale of “Michif Country,” Indigenous comedian Paul Rabliauskas goes out on frozen Lake Manitoba with Métis fishermen Rene Coutu, Ryan Cavan and Norbert Langelier. They put Paul to work and he experiences his first Bombardier fish fry.