Season 1 | Michif Country


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Season 1

Episode 1 - Jeff Richards
Jeff Richards recently discovered that he is Métis through lineage on his father’s side. While he admits that he doesn’t have much information about that side of his family, it has spurred his curiosity about this part of his Indigenous heritage.
Episode 2 – Charles Bender
Charles Bender has reasserted his Indigenous status with the First Nations community his family comes from, after it had lapsed for the previous two generations. He has been interested in pursuing hunting to connect with his Indigenous identity.
Episode 3 – Vinnie Karetak
Vinnie Karetak, an Inuit artist and actor, tries his hand at commercial fishing on Lake Manitoba. He spends three days learning the ins and outs of fishing.
Episode 4 – Michelle Thrush
Actress Michelle Thrush learns about ice fishing and tries it out herself!
Episode 5 – Leela Gilday
Earl St. Goddard, a seasoned hunter, trapper and fisherman hosts Leela Gilday. He takes Leela rabbit trapping and his family joins in to help.
Episode 6 - Michael Redhead Champagne
Michael Redhead Champagne is a proud member of the Shamattawa Cree Nation and was raised as a city kid in Winnipeg’s North End. He visits Michif Country to learn about a more traditional way of life.
Episode 7 – Ryan McMahon
As a stand-up comedian and career podcaster, Ryan McMahon often jokes about how he essentially yells for living. Patiently waiting in silence for white tail deer to come along will be a stark contrast to how Ryan spends most of his time.
Episode 8 – MJ Dandeneau
MJ Dandeneau is currently immersed in a new cultural project where she is visiting Métis communities and learning some traditional songs in order to revive traditional Métis fiddle music and give it a new sound.
Episode 9 – Don Amero
Fishing has a special significance for singer/songwriter Don Amero, as his father worked in commercial fishing. Don lost his father five years ago and he views this experience as an opportunity to honour and connect with the spirit of his dad.