Season 3 | Merchants of the Wild


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Season 3

Episode 1- Smoke
Two groups of strangers are dropped deep into the mountains of British Columbia. With no modern technology, the group struggles to build shelter and live the way their ancestors have since time immemorial.
Episode 2- Flame
Braving ice-cold rivers, the group of explorers discovers a surprise on the lakeshore. The desperate need for fire and warmth pushes them to their breaking point.
Episode 3- Weave
Challenging terrain, hunger and homesickness are crushing the spirits of the adventurers. As the group of strangers struggles to set up shelter, a turn for the worse puts the entire journey at risk.
Episode 4- Four
With only four travellers remaining, the heavy rains of Syilx territory threaten the journey that awaits. All hope seems lost until a beautiful gift of handmade canoes sets the group on a new course. Crashing waters bring new life to their adventure.
Episode 5- Trap
The return of one adventurer and addition of another gives the group hope as their search for food becomes desperate. As the rain finally clears to reveal a blue sky, the explorers find themselves both physically and emotionally exhausted.
Episode 6- Struggle
Tempers reach a boiling point when the newest member questions if they can continue the journey. The group is brought together by profound words from an Elder, strengthening their connection with each other and the land.
Episode 7- Smoker
Thrilled with a much-needed gift and lesson from local Elders, the group prepares and enjoys a meal of wild squirrel before catastrophe hits the camp.
Episode 8- Fish
Braving the fast-moving rivers, the group paddles off the lake in search of natural salmon runs in the waterways. Their efforts to corral the fish are more dangerous than they realized.
Episode 9- Medicine
With their minds and bodies adapting to the land, the group welcomes a medicine teaching about the plants in Syilx territory. The adventurers struggle to find food and decide to try their hand at spearfishing in the river.
Episode 10- Hide
Deadly currents and harsh weather wreak havoc on the group's latest paddle. An imperative Elder teaching focuses on animal hide. As the season changes and storms threaten the valley, the group must work harder than ever to survive.
Episode 11- Drum
Deep in the mountain valley before a devastating storm breaks, the group reflects on the profound changes the journey has brought them. The crew is united by another teaching that ties into the last one when they learn to make drums.
Episode 12- Journey
Quick-changing weather threaten to break the group’s spirits. On the edge of emotional turmoil, a visit from an Elder brings a surprise that no one expected.
Episode 13- Reunion
Months after the journey’s end, the Indigenous explorers reflect with Caleb Musgrave on their time spent in Syilx territory. Reunited for the first time, the group shares the moments that changed them forever.