Season 2 | Merchants of the Wild


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Season 2

Episode 1- Canoe
On the intimidating shores of the Atlantic Ocean, six Indigenous strangers must come together in order to survive with no food or modern technology. Following a difficult canoe paddle, they work to set up camp before nightfall.
Episode 2- Fire
Repairing canoes and finding food is hard work. The adventurers are grateful to learn fire-making skills even as tensions rise. A snake in the grass may be their best chance for a meal.
Episode 3- Wikuom
Tempers flare when the journey and personalities prove to be more challenging than expected. The group needs to keep moving but stormy seas are too risky and they must portage along the shore, leaving them wet and exhausted when they reach their new camp.
Episode 4- Atlat'l
The sun is shining, but the mood is still bleak in the camp. Daybi struggles to make amends as the group tackles a grueling paddle on the open ocean. Exhausted, they have once again left little time to set up camp before nightfall.
Episode 5- Pesa'lut Tia'm (Skin moose)
Everyone is shocked after an adventurer calls it quits and leaves the journey for good. The remaining five are torn apart, as some look to potentially branch off on their own. Thankfully, smoother waters lie ahead.
Episode 6- Spear
After a night spent apart, tensions rise among both groups. While the split brings a sense of peace, Theresa puts her foot down, with the understanding that if they do not reconnect, neither camp will make the journey.
Episode 7- Basket
The adventurers are revitalized by the new recruit and the warm weather as they move further inland on the river. Problems with their shelter are quickly overcome after another successful hunt. Joshua and Theresa grow closer than ever.
Episode 8- Na'puktaqn (triggered snare)
With the seasons turning and food sources low, stress and loneliness push Jody to the edge, leaving the others wondering if they can continue with another loss, and longing for home.
Episode 9- Medicine
The sun has returned and the group are finally feeling the power of nature, as well as the healing effects of their journey. A trio of beloved Elders return to meet the group with vital teachings and welcome gifts.
Episode 10- Peeling Eel
The group learns to harvest and prepare a lake dweller, but it is not for the squeamish. Daybi reflects on how far he has come, and how much more there is to be done, for himself, and his people.
Episode 11- Pit Oven
After a long day of paddling across new lakes, Joshua begins to feel the weight of the journey he is on. The others prepare for the last push with a teaching in traditional cooking.
Episode 12- Torch
The three canoes deftly take to the water and cross a windy lake towards a signal fire. Past and future collide as the final days bring the group to a very special visitor and thoughts of going home fill the adventurers with a powerful mix of emotions.
Episode 13- Reunion
After months apart, a lot has changed. The group are reunited by Knowledge Keeper Caleb Musgrave who helps heal old wounds, reveal their new paths and share some life-changing secrets.