Season 1 | Karena & Kasey’s Foreign Flavour


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Season 1

Episode 1- Korea
Karena and Kasey travel to Seoul in South Korea to experience all the culinary delights the country has to offer. At the end of the week, they prepare some Korean-inspired canapés for a variety of food bloggers.
Episode 2- Italy
In this episode, Karena and Kasey visit the beautiful city of Rome. The duo learns how to make traditional Italian dishes from pasta masters and they are hand-fed tripe, an Italian delicacy. Tune in to watch the sisters recreate the master dishes!
Episode 3- India
Karena and Kasey experience a food tour like no other when they hit the streets of Old Delhi, India. The bold tastes and colours delight their senses as they sample the local cuisine. Later, the duo makes appetizers for a traditional Indian wedding!
Episode 4- Vietnam
In this episode, Karena and Kasey Bird head to the lantern town of Hoi An in Vietnam to prepare for their toughest challenge yet! The sisters meet one of Vietnam’s most famous chefs and sample local street food.
Episode 5- USA
In this episode, Karena and Kasey explore the streets of Los Angeles to discover the city’s food trends. They learn about veganism, food trucks, local celebrity chefs and more! Later, they take over a food truck to cater a function for over 500 people.
Episode 6- China
In this episode, Karena and Kasey Bird travel to Shanghai and Nan Xiang in China to learn how to make local delicacies. Along the way, the duo runs into a Kiwi cooking idol of theirs and spends some one-on-one time with a dumpling master!
Episode 7- Indonesia
Karena and Kasey take a trip to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, to learn more about the region’s culture and cuisine. They attempt to demystify Indonesian food and then enjoy a meal at a Padang restaurant.
Episode 8- Chile
Karena and Kasey travel to Santiago to meet two acclaimed Chilean chefs. The chefs show the sisters their vision for the future of Chilean cuisine, taking inspiration from their ancestral past. Later, Kasey heads to the port town of Valparaiso!
Episode 9- Japan
In this episode, Karena and Kasey travel to Tokyo to try world-class ramen, a 20-course kaiseki meal and some Michelin-star sushi. Later, the duo cooks for hungry guests at a charity auction.
Episode 10- New Caledonia
Karena and Kasey head to their final destination, New Caledonia, where they discover a fusion of Pacific Island produce and French cooking techniques. While one sister meets with one of the island's top chefs, the other travels to Isle des Pins.