Season 2 | Going Native


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Season 2

Episode 1- Going Canoe
Drew heads into deep waters as he explores the traditional and modern uses of a birchbark canoe. Later, he learns how to harvest wild rice and how to craft a birchbark canoe from one of the greatest living artisans alive.
Episode 2- Going Warrior
In this episode, Drew heads to Peigan Nation in southern Alberta to meet with two Indigenous stuntmen. Later, he hits a pro-wrestling ring and trains with an undefeated Muay Thai champion.
Episode 3- Going Behind the Lens
Drew meets with two aspiring Indigenous filmmakers and photographers who are reframing the world with their cameras. Later, he tries his hand at acting in a new film by Roger Boyer.
Episode 4- Going Monumental
Drew travels to Canada’s largest urban woodlot to meet with Indigenous carver, “Sawmill Sid.” Later, he visits an Inuk artist and a sculptor who casts their own bronze.
Episode 5- Going Fire & Water
In this episode, Drew explores the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and the sacred elements, water and fire. He visits the ocean, the forest and the rushing water of Niagara Falls while making connections along the way.
Episode 6- Going Two-Spirit
Drew explores the history of gender identity and sexuality in Indigenous communities and culture. For centuries, Indigenous Peoples have embraced gender fluidity and Two-Spirit people. Tune into a talented drag performance, a queer street performance and more!
Episode 7- Going Legend
Drew steps into the Badlands to visit the Hoodoos formations in Alberta. Later, he travels to Thunder Bay to meet a sleeping giant. Lastly, Drew heads to Lake Huron and the Manitou Islands to uncover incredible Indigenous legends.
Episode 8- Going Pop Art
In this episode, Drew meets with an Indigenous chocolate sculptor and visits Toronto’s Harborfront to witness a street art installation conceived by Jay Soule. Witness how these artists are transforming mainstream pop culture.
Episode 9- Going Fast
Hit the highway with a motorcycle club from Six Nations! Later, Drew heads to the race track to meet with Billy Cook. Lastly, Drew waxes up his surfboard with a group of Indigenous youth from Nova Scotia.
Episode 10- Going Bushcraft
In this episode, Drew visits an Anishinaabe man who is teaching his community how to live off the land. Later, he goes late-night spear fishing for salmon on Cape Breton Island.
Episode 11- Going Stick Sport
Drew heads to the heart of hockey in Nova Scotia. Later, he heads to the playing fields in Six Nations to explore how Indigenous Peoples invented Canada’s national sports, hockey and lacrosse.
Episode 12- Going Body Art
Drew heads to Mohawk First Nation on Lake Ontario, home to the largest tattoo gathering in Canada. There he meets with Indigenous artists who are making their cultural mark. Later, Drew learns about traditional Indigenous hairstyles.
Episode 13- Going Green
In this season finale of “Going Native,” Drew travels to Alberta’s grasslands to witness a unique bison herd restoration. Later, he visits an architectural design that was inspired by Indigenous Peoples and an incredible First Nations greenhouse.