Season 1 | Going Native


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Season 1

Episode 1- Going Horse
Drew Hayden Taylor seeks to learn Indigenous stories of the horse by meeting a daredevil family of “Indian Relay” racers, encountering a Navajo horse whisperer, and by exploring unique wild horse sanctuary in the foothills of the Rockies.
Episode 2- Going Architecture
After exploring Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park and its 800-year-old Pueblo cave dwellings, Drew then reveals how cutting-edge Indigenous architects are drawing lessons, and designs, from their own tribal past.
Episode 3- Going Pop Culture
Drew uncovers how First Nations artists are pushing the boundaries of pop culture when he meets up with professional zombies, axe throwing and legend-morphing film directors, and Indigenous video games designers.
Episode 4- Going Gourmet
Bannock: Indigenous treat, colonialism, or both? From traditional farming to award-winning Indigenous wineries and food trucks, Drew is dining all-Indigenous.
Episode 5- Going Music
Since the dawn of time the buckskin drum has been the heartbeat of Indigenous music. Drew creates some “beats” with an Indigenous hip hop DJ, meets a genre-bending Métis jazz star, a symphony percussionist, and a legendary First Nations rocker and bluesman.
Episode 6- Going Fashionable
Drew Hayden Taylor brushes up his fashion skills as he jumps into the world of Indigenous fashion with a series of the hottest young designers, as well as a one-of-a-kind turquoise jeweller in Sante Fe, New Mexico.
Episode 7- Going Artsy
Drew enters the fascinating world of contemporary Indigenous art. A life-sized whale made out of plastic lawn furniture? Inuit wall murals in Canada’s biggest city? Movie posters with an indigenous spin? West Coast art combined with graffiti?
Episode 8- Going Business
Drew meets the people that are reinventing capitalism on Indigenous terms. He visits Canada’s newest urban reserve, meets a Métis sash maker drawing his inspiration from Indigenous South Americans, and witnesses how Indigenous venture capital is opening doors.
Episode 9- Going Sacred
From an incredible “Spotted Lake” in British Columbia to a sacred waterfall in Washington State, Drew explores the people, ideas, and hallowed spaces linked to Indigenous spirituality.
Episode 10- Going Bush
Drew reveals an Indigenous survivalist-past when he visits the Canadian Rockies. He learns how to live with no tools or shelter and how to throw the deadly Central American weapon called the “atlatl” spear. He also visits an ancient tribe in Washington state.
Episode 11- Going Storytelling
From the stage to the written page to the traditional campfire, Drew explores the role Indigenous storytelling plays in myth-making, theatre, and in keeping Indigenous culture alive and well.
Episode 12- Going Athletic
Drew goes on a quest to learn about how Indigenous Peoples are changing the face of sport. He explores a unique northern trapper festival, gets beaten soundly in an ancient Cree martial art and then hits the pavement with an Apache skateboard team in Arizona.
Episode 13- Going Beyond
Drew gazes up at the stars above and explores the petroglyphs and secret ruins all around us. He reveals how Indigenous Peoples from New Mexico to the Canadian wilderness have understood astronomy for centuries.