Season 2 | Gespe'gewa'gi: The Last Land


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Season 2

Episode 1 - FRANKLIN: What’s Old Is New Again
Captain Franklin Brisk is back on the water, where the hours are long and the work is grueling. In this episode, he chases his snow crab quota and waits to acquire the boat he learned to fish on as a deckhand. Being captain comes with huge responsibilities!
Episode 2 - ROBERT AND SHANNON: The Good Fight
For Robert and Shannon Sack, conflict is old news. They worry about the future of fishing in their family and are determined to exercise their treaty right to fish lobster, despite clashes with non-Indigenous fishers and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
Episode 3 - BEVERLY: The Captain of a Fishing Boat
As one of the first female captains in her community, Captain Beverly Denny faces a great deal of doubt, sexism and racism. Still, she is a well-respected captain who belongs on the water. In this episode, she balances snow crab and tuna fishing.
Episode 4 - ALANNA: Salmon and “Etuaptmumk” (Two-Eyed Seeing)
In this episode, Alanna Syliboy combines science with traditional knowledge in a race to save her favourite fish: the endangered Bay of Fundy salmon. Alanna radiates positive energy as she teaches us that salmon is a staple food source for the Mi’kmaq.
Episode 5 - DURNEY: There’s Always Something to Catch
Captain Durney Nicholas is a lifelong fisher from Pictou Landing First Nation, N.S. In this episode, he marks his fourth decade on the water with the start of lobster season. With his calm confidence, he can catch just about anything he sets out for!
Episode 6 - CADENCE: A Fish Worth Waiting For
In this episode, Mi’kmaw teen Cadence Davidson returns to her community school in Sipekne’katik, where she learns how to fish. During a two-day striped bass fishing workshop, local knowledge holders teach her.
Episode 7 - ANTHONY: Back Where He Belongs
Captain Anthony Nicholas navigates snow crab and lobster boats for Pictou Landing First Nation. In this episode, he shares his love of traditional eel fishing, a practice that was once a cornerstone of Mi’kmaq culture but has largely been lost.
Episode 8 - CHELSEA: The Girl on the Boat
Chelsea Prosper is a young fisher from Pictou Landing First Nation, N.S., who grew up on the water fishing for lobster with her dad. Now in her 20s, Chelsea encourages other young women to fish and is a strong advocate for the Mi’kmaq right to harvest lobster.
Episode 9 - ADAM: Seaweed Dreams
Adam Jerome is part of an aquaculture team in Gesgapegiag that farms sugar kelp. Together, they are tapping into a multi-billion-dollar industry, developing delicious products and creating economic self-sufficiency for their community.
Episode 10 - PRESTON: Finding his Footing at Sea
In this episode, Captain Preston Paul embarks on a week-long shrimp fishing expedition on a vessel called the Migmawei Amstel. A sudden storm challenges his inexperienced crew, but friendly competition on the boat keeps their spirits high!