Season 1 | Gespe'gewa'gi: The Last Land


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Season 1

Episode 1- Waiting for Ice-Break
After a long winter, the community of Listuguj is excited for the opening of the 2019 fishing season.
Episode 2- Hail out on the Snow Crab Season
Two crab vessels set out on the first trip of the season, but mechanical problems could spell disaster for one of them.
Episode 3- MI'GWITE'TM: Remembering 1981
June 11 is known as Mi’gwite’tm, the day to remember the raid of 1981, an event that changed everything in Listuguj.
Episode 4-Back to the River with Pam
Salmon are an integral part of life in Listuguj, and Pam shows her signature enthusiasm in an effort to save them.
Episode 5-Not Always Fun and Games
Blayze decides to spice up crab season with a fun competition for his crew. Walter deals with mechanical troubles.
Episode 6- Salmon Tradition: Passing It On
A family of salmon fishers explores how traditional fishing and the Mi’gmaq language keep the community alive.
Episode 7- The Rangers
In this episode, we meet the Listuguj Rangers who patrol the river and the Baie des Chaleurs.
Episode 8- Josh: From Helm to Deck
Former Captain Josh Barnaby is determined to work his way back to his old position after being demoted to deckhand.
Episode 9- The Kedgwick Salmon Lodge
Mi’gmaq fishing guides prepare for the 2019 salmon season and their first guests at the Kedgwick Lodge.
Episode 10- Lita and the Pow Wow Crew
Fishing season takes a mid-summer pause, but Lita and her powwow crew are in full swing – rain or shine.
Episode 11- Shrimp Fishing: The Long Haul
Steven Clement his crew head out for an eight-day journey to net thousands of pounds of shrimp.
Episode 12- Father and Son Rock Crab Team
Father-son rock crab fishing team Albert and Chris must do creative problem-solving to finish their day on the water.
Episode 13- The Fall Lobster Fishery
Despite conflict with the DFO, Listuguj launches its Fall commercial Lobster fishery, looking toward a future of increased self-governance and economic success.