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A Life on the Line
Sam Karney, an award-winning filmmaker, grew up disconnected from his Métis heritage. In an effort to reconnect with his roots, he decides to spend a winter with his father, who lives as a trapper in the Duck Mountains.
Also available in Michif
Searching For Sugar Man
In the mid-1970s, an American singer-songwriter known as Rodriguez became a huge hit in South Africa and was widely rumoured to have died. Two decades later, some of his biggest fans set out to learn his true fate. This documentary follows their journey.
The Power Was With Us
Tim Fontaine and Rick Harp continue their sweeping survey of the Idle No More movement. This chapter explains the federal reaction to the movement, including unprecedented levels of surveillance by government agencies.
Haudensosaunee Canoe Journey
Hickory Edwards, a single Haudenosaunee father, brings his daughter on a canoe voyage as he seeks to unlock the ancient trade routes of his ancestors. He hopes to navigate the full waterways and travelling routes long forgotten by his people.
Also available in Mohawk
Making A Scene
The DIY music scene on the island of Haida Gwaii is not something to miss out on. It's a magical and spiritual place unlike any other in the world, with a rising underground music scene that has a history to share.
The Australian Dream
“The Australian Dream” is an emotional portrait of the triumphs and tribulations of Indigenous football legend Adam Goodes. Set against the backdrop of Goodes' journey, the documentary explores race, identity and belonging in present-day Australia.
Star People
This illuminating and uplifting documentary examines the Indigenous legend of the Star People. Director Hanwakan Blaikie Whitecloud sets off to learn more, hearing from Star knowledge carriers, Elders and scientists who study and dream about the night sky.
Also available in Cree
Dust n’ Bones
A look at what threatens the preservation and rededication of First Nations' artifacts, burial sites and remains.
Food For The Rest of Us
“Food for the Rest of Us” follows four unique food projects that are leading a culinary revolution from the ground up. Centred on the belief that new ways of operating are crucial for our survival, these activist-run initiatives are creating positive change.
My Indian Name
“My Indian Name” is a documentary that looks at the experiences of Indigenous Peoples who have been stripped of their traditional names. Today, Indigenous Peoples are resisting this assimilative practice and reclaiming the basic right to their original names.