Caution May Contain Nuts | Season 5


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Season 5

Episode 1 — Virtual Faux Reality
Delmer and Marta are getting real with reality tv, Leonard shows his true (team) colors, and Hangry Games High welcomes a new student.

Episode 2 — Monsters, Necro, and Delmer Oh My!
A ghost invades the TV, the Invisible Man shows up, and Delmer gets the bejeezus scared out of him.

Episode 3 — Birthday Fop Attack
French Aristocrats plan a revolutionary shindig, Tack the Sh’Elf becomes a singing birthday card, and Viking Jyona gives a bloody gift to her bestie.

Episode 4 — Synergistic Convenience Baby
The space ship gets a visit from a magical school bus, Advaara’s Mom gets moony, Tinsel gets wings and Tack gets…something else.

Episode 5 — Graphic Disco Bingo Mime
Leonard gets a visit from his more “human” twin brother, the Vikings assemble some Swedish furniture, and the pirate ship figurehead goes on strike.

Episode 6 — Super Absorbent Open Concept

The men get mad and then they get going, the women get mad and then they get even, and everybody gets mad about even going.

Episode 7 — Undercover Hobbit Steaks

The Monsters food is stale, Big Kevin’s food is spicy, and the Hobbits become Troll snacks in a sack.

Episode 8 — Birds, Bees, and Premature Laugh-ulation

Let me tell you ‘bout the birds and the bees, and the clowns ill at ease, greasy balloons up above, and a thing called love.

Episode 9 — Captain Banana Hammock Bannock Swap

Delmer & Marta start a new business and the Pirates and Space crew swap Captains.

Episode 10 — Dr Boppo’s Treasure Patch

Mrs. Doctor Derber takes over, a team doc does a drug swap, and time travelling doc lands a travel buddy.

Episode 11 — Vegan Danger Ranger Cats in Pyjamas

The Danger Rangers chase a clever bear, the bridge on the spaceship gets flooded with snuggle bloopies, and honoured by the Cat People.

Episode 12 — Amateur Vampire Unicycles

The Cowboys get makeovers, the Pirates face off against teen vampires, and Schmo-Bo runs into an elephant on a unicycle.

Episode 13 — Mixed Parasol Messages

The Police Chief brings in a British recruit, the Fantasy gang go on an epic quest, and the Wild, Wild West just ain’t what you think.