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Episode Guide

Season 4

Episode 1 — Pulp Science Fiction
Delmer and Marta are back with a vengeance, the Clown family is kicking butt and the Natives and Vikings are taking names.

Episode 2 — Engineering Garbage Hipsters
A rogue two in outer space, the world’s most famous plumber plunges into the job market, and a hot new toy tries to tell it like it is.

Episode 3 — Woody’s Gonzo Thriller
Two film greats meet (or conspire) on a dark and stormy night, a Contender proves she is still full of fight, and Peter Chan helps the Mall Pirates take flight.

Episode 4 — Experimental Troll Brownies
Everything you ever wanted to know about time travel-chemistry-futurism-chi-interspecies romance but were afraid to ask.

Episode 5 — Apprentice Baby Puppet Pirates
‘Tis a tale of babies lost and cabin boys found, of a majestic mother on home ice, and a husband in need of a whisperer.

Episode 6 — Sexy Bigfoot Alien Chef
The history of a super man, the fevered dreams of a tv chef, and the reopening of the Zed Files – the truth is in here.

Episode 7 — Jesus’ Haiku Holiday
Delmer and Marta reach out to a higher power, the holiday Crossover gets celebrated, and El-Bo makes some hard-core hip new pals.

Episode 8 — Beautiful Mansplain Probe
Gender warriors wage war on wages, are taxed by tampons, and say Game Over to inequality.

Episode 9 — Musical Shark Cats
Stagecoach the Musical shoots to the top of the charts, Shakespeare dives fathoms below, and Big Little Band is reunited and it sounds so… good?

Episode 10 — Phillips Fights Predator
He could have been a Contender, or a Master, or an investor that made some bread. But instead, Rocko chose to be… ALL OF THEM!

Episode 11 — Doctor Rodeo Clone
Captain Yarr orchestrates a booty shake down, San Fran comes out, and Mistakechuck gets made.

Episode 12 — Lizard Zombie Jester
Delmer gets entrepreneurial, the Captain gets frisky, and guest star Colin Mochrie narrates himself to death.

Episode 13 — Klingy Dad Jokes
The crew deals with an unwanted shipmate, the Contenders try to ensure they stay insured, and the Party’s over in Middle Earth.