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About CAUTION: May Contain Nuts

CAUTION: May Contain Nuts is a fast paced sketch comedy series with a unique brand of Canadian Indigenous humour. These assorted Nuts are a veritable United Nations troupe of performers, and no topic is off limits to this over the edge team. From Native Culture and Canadian culture, to Pop Culture and Multi-Culture, the Nuts will tackle anything. Every episode is jam packed with a ton of fast and funny skits featuring well known characters from previous seasons as well as a host of new characters that are sure to become old favourites. Want an 80’s hair band music video? How about a revision of history with Ghandi or Shakespeare? With zombies, mobsters, super heroes, villains, anarchists, and of course cowboys and Indians; the Nuts are guaranteed to have you busting a gut in the aisle in three seconds flat! The result – a side-splitting and highly entertaining comedy experience.