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Season 1

Episode 1- Run & Scream
Perry tries out a Blackfoot warrior training game called “Run and Scream.” He then cooks up an elk steak and some wild rice.
Episode 2- Yiri Up & Eat
Perry tries a modified Ulladulla spear-throwing game that involves throwing knives at a piece of wood as it floats down a stream. He then makes a popular New South Wales dish known as a pie floater.
Episode 3- Brambahl-lin'
Perry plays a Juwalarai game similar to jump rope called “Brambahl.” Later, he prepares and bakes a whole fish with fresh herbs and tosses up a passion fruit salad to go with it.
Episode 4- Kai Games
Perry plays modified versions of two games, “Mer Kai” and “Kai Wed,” which both use the fruit of a kai tree, native to Papua New Guinea. Perry then bakes up vanilla chicken with fresh, hot chili peppers and makes cardamom-infused wild rice.
Episode 5- Sticks & Stew
Perry plays a stick game that is played by many Indigenous Peoples, including the Cree. Later, he cooks his favourite Cree venison stew and homemade bannock using a secret ingredient.
Episode 6- On Target
Perry tries his hand at archery, which is a well-known sport among Mongolian people. Later, he makes dumplings by folding pork with fresh peppers into small wonton wrappers and steaming them. The dish is topped off with a fresh plum dipping sauce.
Episode 7- Shooting the Buffalo
Perry plays a Sioux game called "Shoot the Buffalo.” Later, he makes spaghetti sauce with fresh ground bison and fries up garlic bannock to go with it. Along the way, he encourages people to connect and identify with their cultures.
Episode 8- Kickin' It
Perry does some Cheyenne kickball training and tries for his personal best, dribbling the soccer ball as fast as he can through staggered pylons. Later, he makes a rabbit stew with potatoes, celery, onion and carrots.
Episode 9- The Creator's Game
Perry rides to a field and shoots a lacrosse ball at targets. He then steams some smoked white fish and bakes colourful root vegetables drizzled with maple syrup. Over a cup of tea, Perry talks about sharing what you have with those in need.