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Season 2

Episode 1- Paint the Town Red
Hip-hop superstars Snotty Nose Rez Kids take us on an energetic tour of the Indigenous street art in Vancouver, demonstrating how mural artists have transformed the city. The duo visits Heiltsuk artist KC Hall, who created a brand-new mural for this episode.
Episode 2- Indian Cowboys
Country music star Armond Duck Chief shares his Blackfoot Nation’s deep connection to horses as he sings about the complex lives of Indigenous cowboys. In this episode, we meet Blackfoot cowboy legend Alison Red Crow and relay racing star Travis Maguire.
Episode 3 - The Children
Inuk singer Beatrice Deer delves into the history of residential schools to write a song in tribute to the lost children in unmarked graves. Filmed almost entirely in Inuktitut, this episode features an interview with Nakuset, a Montreal-based Survivor.
Episode 4 - Inextinguishable
Métis singer Amanda Rheaume is inspired by the resilience and power of her culture in spite of the Métis scrip system that tried to displace her people. This episode features insightful interviews with Elder Tony Belcourt and Métis scholar Paul Chartrand.
Episode 5- My Matriarch
Anishinaabe electro-pop artist Wolf Saga draws inspiration for his music from a painting his grandmother bought, which connects him to his culture. This episode features Richard Gracious, Janis Monture, Elder Mary Lou Smoke and Betty Albert.
Episode 6- Home
Haida and Cree singer Kristi Lane Sinclair shares her emotional journey of returning to Haida Gwaii to find love and forgiveness. In this episode dedicated to Kristi’s late mother, Kristi connects with close friend and fellow creator Sara Roque.
Episode 7- Place Is Punk
Haida band Jason Camp and The Posers reveal how their beautiful home of Haida Gwaii inspires their unique brand of punk music. The band’s two front men and their manager create music that celebrates the strength and rich culture of their people.
Episode 8- Celebration
Cree spoken word artist Zoey Roy meets with legendary Métis artist and activist Maria Campbell, who inspires a piece about the power of celebration. Zoey shares stories about her childhood and how her struggles helped inspire a rich creative spirit.
Episode 9- The Conversation
Celebrated Mohawk rock star Tom Wilson crafts a powerful song based on a famous painting by Métis artist Christi Belcourt. In conversation at a diner, the two remarkable artists explore their creative processes and sources of inspiration.
Episode 10 - Beauty in Your Backyard
Anishinaabe pop singer Thea May draws strength and inspiration from the beauty of her community after a devastating personal loss. This episode features members of her family and is set in her beautiful home of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek.
Episode 11- Legacy
Cree musician Kris Harper embraces his family’s artistic legacy by composing a unique song using his late mother’s poetry. This episode features interviews with Kris’s aunt, Florence, and Kris’s collaborator, Jason Borys, who both have warm memories to share.
Episode 12- Sisters in Spirit
Vancouver-based hip-hop artist JB the First Lady preserves the memories of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in a moving tribute to the late Chelsea Poorman. This episode features Lorelei Williams, who founded the Sisters in Spirit dance group.
Episode 13- Our Mother's Love
Traditional Seneca singer Sadie Buck creates three new songs inspired by a message from her late mother, which she performs with the Six Nations Women Singers. This episode features Sadie’s good friend, Charlene Bomberry, as well as Sadie’s nephews.