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Season 1

Episode 1- Our Mother's Voice
Métis/Cree songwriter Cheryl L’Hirondelle and Potowatami author Robin Wall Kimmerer consider the power of reciprocity.
Episode 2- Diamond in the Snow
Oneida songwriter Lacey Hill considers the challenges of the Snow Snake competitions set against global warming.
Episode 3 - Little Star
Cree/Dene songwriter Iskwe and Gitxsan professor/activist Dr. Cindy Blackstock consider threats to Indigenous children.
Episode 4 - Two Spirit Identities
Mohawk songwriter Shawnee and Ojibwe-Cree Elder Ma-Nee Chacaby consider the history and roll of two-spirit people.
Episode 5- Spring Breakup
Anishinaabe composer Melody McKiver finds inspiration in the power of water transformation in Sioux Lookout..
Episode 6- The Fire
Oji-Cree songwriter Nick Sherman reflects on the challenges of living in a town steeped in anti-Indigenous racism.
Episode 7- Enfolding
Cree songwriter Tara Williamson reflects on the heartache of losing her infant son as she creates a song in his honour.
Episode 8- Broken Justice
Anishinaabe songwriter Leonard Sumner reflects on the unjust verdicts in Colton Boushie and Tina Fontaine cases.
Episode 9- Becoming a Man of the Earth
Cree songwriter Jason Burnstick examines the struggles of reconciling childhood trauma after the birth of his own son.
Episode 10 - The Stories We Tell Ourselves
Anishinaabe songwriter Ansley Simpson reflects on her personal connection to “Firewater” by author Harold Johnson.
Episode 11- Skaru:re & Song
Tuscarora songwriter Jennifer Kriesberg examines the migration her Nation took after the Tuscarora War of 1710.
Episode 12- Our Dream
Metis songwriter Shane Belcourt, finds inspiration looking back on interviews he did with celebrated Metis author Maria
Episode 13- Our Endless Resistance
Metis filmmaker and songwriter Shane Belcourt examines the lessons from the 1960-1980 Metis Rights movement.