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Season 2

Episode 1- One Flew Out of the Kookum's Nest
The residents of Grouse Lake are back for another season, with Paul returning to find his house (and his mom) committed to someone else. Dean is gainfully but reluctantly employed, and Jo’s campaign for chief is off to a rocky start.
Episode 2- To Catch a Rummager
With Cousin Leon having thrown his hat in the ring for chief, the campaigns heat up and the mudslinging gets out of control. Paul finds refuge in an unlikely new home, and Dean gains a small victory at work.
Episode 3- Fasting and Furious
Having pushed the Elders to their limits, Paul is forced to go on a fast, during which his spirit guide shows him some hard truths about his past. Jo recruits a ringer to expose Cousin Leon once and for all.
Episode 4- L'il Tonys in the Mist
Jo and Chief Deedee attempt to win the vote of the McKay family, whose support could swing the entire campaign. Dean finds himself longing for the glory of his movie man days, while Paul employs a traditional method for courting Rose.
Episode 5- The Fighting Grouse
Seeking medical assistance at the health centre for a foot fungus, Jo finds herself attracted to Logan, the new nurse in town. Paul’s internet trash-talking over a volleyball game catches up with him when a fan from Nunavut arrives in Grouse Lake to fight him.
Episode 6- Roger That
Feeling underappreciated, Roger abandons his position as the voice of Grouse Lake radio. Paul reads Roger’s memoir live on air, revealing how the radio star rose rapidly to fame and fortune. Meanwhile, a visit from pre-chief Deedee reminds Roger of his roots.
Episode 7- One Point for the Road
The Grouse Lake volleyball team was so close to victory over the team from Grand Rapids last year, but a technicality robbed them of the win. This year, coaches Paul and Dean attempt to secure a win by whatever means necessary.
Episode 8- Dabs of Thunder
It’s bingo day and Grouse Lake is ready to play! While Agnes and Rita lean into the competitive spirit and Roger tussles with old bingo equipment, Greg and Dean struggle with interacting outside of their work roles.
Episode 9-- The Wolf of Paul Street
Stephen Harper’s request for Paul to be his best man causes Paul to evaluate his own maturity and to take steps to move his life forward. An unexpected death leaves the community with a fortuitous windfall.
Episode 10- A Man for All Shack-Up Seasons
It’s a case of opposites attract when the newly mature version of Paul is charmed by Ronny, the female version of the old, immature Paul. Meanwhile, a wedding exposes the true feelings of both the guests and the wedding party.