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Season 1

Episode 1 – Just Fok'n Missing Her
The event of the day in Grouse Lake is an anti-bullying workshop, where the lure of free sandwiches guarantees a packed house. However, the workshop is overshadowed by Paul, whose unexpected return from Winnipeg has raised eyebrows in his isolated community.
Episode 2- Goosed by a Moose
After telling Rose that he has a big surprise in store to win her back, Paul is at a loss as to what the surprise will be. Paul, Dean and Brady pull an all-nighter watching kung fu movies in the hopes that they will unearth the perfect romantic gesture.
Episode 3 - Three Nobodies
Word travels fast in Grouse Lake when Dean saves Paul’s life during a swimming incident. Dean is heralded as a hero, while Paul is jealous and wants to knock him down a peg or two. Chickadee pulls a prank on Roger, but Jo finds out and teaches her a lesson.
Episode 4 - High Rollers
Paul, Brady, Jo, Dean and Chickadee head to Winnipeg’s big fair, the Red River Ex, for a day of rides and fried food. Brady, a nervous flyer, takes a sleeping pill before realizing he has a rare window of opportunity to impress Jo.
Episode 5 - A Steps Too Far
When all the coffee in Grouse Lake vanishes, Jo and Lips team up with Roger to find out who’s behind a homebrewed energy drink. Paul’s slick new jeans score him a date with Ducky McKay, but things stall when he gets to her place and the jeans are too tight.
Episode 6 - Battle in the Bush
The NDN Wrestling Federation returns with the annual Battle in the Bush, but the community is left scrambling when the most infamous wrestler, Mr. Indian Affairs, misses his flight. Brady stands in for the main event, where he’s pitted against The Constrictor.
Episode 7- Under the B for Breakup
Paul sets out to prove Jo wrong when she bets him $1,000 that his rekindled relationship with Rose won’t last a week. Meanwhile, Jo and Roger compete for Grouse Lake’s financial surplus to fund their respective community projects.
Episode 8 - Fresh Meat
When Paul discovers that his mom has been having a secret affair with Ed, he gets creative in his attempts to break them up. After discovering the North Store is hiring, Brady disguises himself to apply for his old job.
Episode 9 - Mr Witch Face
An investigative journalist arrives in Grouse Lake to interview the residents about a bank robber who is believed to be hiding nearby. He hopes to capture a community gripped with fear, but the residents co-opt their interviews to support their own agendas.
Episode 10 - The Jig is Up
It’s Treaty Days in Grouse Lake and everyone comes out for food, dancing and games! In need of money to save her community project, Jo signs herself and Paul up for the jigging contest. Too bad Paul has more interest in eating competitions than in helping her.