Season 1 | Unsettled


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Season 1

Episode 1 - The Undoing
Rayna Keetch, a stay-at-home mom from Toronto, heads north to her home community of Binesizhaabose First Nation for a special welcome home ceremony in her honour.
Episode 2 – Homecoming
Rayna and her family are being welcomed back into her community with a public ceremony. But Rayna’s mother, Molly Wasnoday, is anything but welcoming with her passive aggressive attitude.
Episode 3 – New Beginning
In light of recent and unfortunate events, the Keetch family are forced to stay with Molly indefinitely. Myles enrolls at the high school on the reservation and both Darryl and Rayna search for employment.
Episode 4 – Purpose
Darryl has charmed his way into the inner circle of Chief and council, spearheading a business enterprise that will secure Chief Rowan’s re-election. Rayna starts a manager position at the Beezee Lodge and discovers a young family squatting in a room.
Episode 5 – Two Wolves
Rayna is feeling isolated and lonely while everyone around her adjusts to life on the reserve. While Myles is busy with school, Darryl works on spearheading a surefire business for the Chief. The family dynamic at home increasingly becomes more unsettled.
Episode 6 – Divided Loyalties
The election campaign starts to heat up and Rowan realizes how formidable his new opponent Mitch will be. Henry provides a sympathetic ear to Rayna in her hour of need and a break-in at Molly’s shocks the family.
Episode 7 – Trigger
As the election candidates continue to battle it out, an opiate overdose at the high school blindsides the community. The tragedy forces Tara to question her purpose. Rayna realizes the devastating impact her “scooping” as an infant has had on her mother.
Episode 8 – Generational Curses
Henry makes an impassioned plea for the mourning community of Beezee to come together. Myles reveals that he may have been connected to the overdose of his fellow student. Molly, overwhelmed by past trauma, falls back into bad habits.
Episode 9 – Second Changes
With the election in full swing and all eyes on the cannabis dispensary raid, the community is more divided than ever. Aided by Henry, Molly is on the path to healing and is beginning to come to terms with her grief and anger.
Episode 10 – Reunited
It’s election day on Binesizhaabose First Nation. The votes are in and the community has spoken, leaving both Rowan and Tara shocked by the outcome. Rayna’s family share in a ceremony led by Henry and Molly to officially welcome Rayna to the family.