Season 2 | Tribal


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Season 2

Episode 1- The Tomb
Who killed Sydney? Chief Woodburn and detective Bukansky deal with the fallout after a tomb with murdered Indigenous bodies is discovered under the city.
Episode 2- It’s All In Your Headdress
After a charity fundraiser, a high-profile Indigenous model is found dead wearing a traditional headdress.
Episode 3- Look, He’s Protestin’
Following a protest at a railroad blockade, the Tribal Police investigate the disappearance of a hitchhiking Indigenous teen.
Episode 4- The Kid Had a Gun
Detective Bukansky struggles with flashbacks of being shot and is confronted with the event’s connection to the now-infamous tomb.
Episode 5- Shouldn’t Have Come Here
On the outskirts of the city in the neighbouring Dakota Reserve, a convicted wildlife poacher is found hanged.
Episode 6- Justice For All
In this episode of “Tribal,” a routine follow-up at a healing lodge takes a dangerous turn when an inmate is exposed and proves volatile.
Episode 7- Starlight, Starbright
The victim of a possible starlight tour, an Indigenous man is found frozen to death on a remote reserve road.
Episode 8- Tribal vs Metro
Suspected arson of a judge’s home leads to increased tensions between an Indigenous vigilante group and South Metro.
Episode 9- Red Face
The rift between Tribal and Metro escalates when the bodies of a man and woman are discovered on the river bank, bound and with their faces painted red.
Episode 10- Scalped
The Tribal and Metro police partnership is in jeopardy following the scalping of a Metro cop. Chief Woodburn and detective Bukansky face the reality of their future.