Season 1 | Total Control


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Season 1

Episode 1
When Alex Iriving – a charismatic and contradictory Indigenous woman – stands up to a gunman on a rampage, the footage of her heroism goes viral. Amid the acclaim, Alex receives a a surprising offer – a seat in the Senate. Can Alex trust the PM and her Party?
Episode 2
Alex sets out to broker a deal between the Aboriginal communities and the Government, and she manages to come through. But her efforts come at a cost as tensions within the Party escalate. Meanwhile, JC hitch-hikes across country in an effort to meet Alex.
Episode 3
Alex works around the clock trying to get the necessary amendments before the Senate. The PM faces down opposition from the right wing of the Party. JC is desperately trying to contact Alex. News arrives from home that Alex’s mother has collapsed.
Episode 4
At home for the funeral Alex is struck low by grief and the knowledge that the PM has betrayed her and the community. She honours her mother and sets about repairing the damage done. This time she won't be playing by the rules.
Episode 5
Alex and the PM embark on a game of political cat and mouse. As Alex and her Senior Advisor dig deeper, the evidence of Cartwright’s lies and corruption grows. Alex sets about tracking Jess Clarke down and finally the two of them meet.
Episode 6
Alex declares war on her Party. Cartwright fights her every step of the way. She manages to survive until she finds the evidence that will destroy him. She engineers a plan to defeat the Prime Minister on the floor of Parliament itself.