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Episode Guide

Episode 1- Equus: The Story of the Horse, Pt. 1 - Origins
Explore the fascinating evolutionary journey of the horse, from its tiny forest-dwelling ancestor called the Dawn Horse to the modern steed. Encounter scientists unlocking the genetic basis of horsepower and decoding their emotional intelligence.
Episode 2- Equus: The Story of the Horse, Pt. 2 - First Riders
Thompson travels to Kazakhstan to witness the groundbreaking discovery of a skeleton from the earliest culture ever to tame horses. Discover the secrets of horse domestication, the world's first plague and its impact on ancient civilizations.
Episode 3- Equus: The Story of the Horse, Pt. 3 - Chasing the Wind
Embark on an enthralling journey tracing the profound human-horse partnership throughout history, which has given rise to over 350 diverse horse breeds worldwide.
Episode 4- Why We Dance
Dive into a fascinating exploration of how and why living things express themselves through movement and rhythm. Investigate the provocative theory that dance has played a significant role in shaping the evolution of our species.
Episode 5- How the Wild Things Sleep
Explore the unique sleep patterns of elephants with Professor Paul Manger, an expert on their brains from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. These giants have developed adaptations to cope with disturbances, ensuring their survival in the wild.
Episode 6- Nature's Big Year
Delve into lockdown's scientific revelations and uncover the unique insights that researchers have gleaned from an extraordinary modern experiment.
Episode 7- Nature's Cleanup Crew
Explore the world of diverse species that tackle our messes and the scientists who strive to enhance their efficiency for the benefit of both humans and the natural world.
Episode 8- A Bee's Diary
Experience the life journey of one bee, from her birth to her death. Stunning footage and cutting-edge science capture the beauty of her world, the everyday decisions she makes and the drama that comes with being a bee.
Episode 9- Wild Canadian Weather: Cold
Explore how Canada's frigid landscapes, shaped by temperatures that rival those on Mars, impact humans and wildlife alike. Witness the transformative power of extreme weather, where hardship and wonder abound.
Episode 10- Wild Canadian Weather: Rain
Rain reveals the drama of spectacular storms, unveils the intimate moments of life and shows off Canada’s most critical—yet devastating—element in a way that has never been seen before.
Episode 11- Wild Canadian Weather: Wind
Wind, the most dynamic of weather elements, sculpts Canada's climate by forming clouds and shaping oceans. Discover the wind’s profound impact on the lives of people across the country.
Episode 12- Wild Canadian Weather: Sun
Discover how the sun's radiant energy shapes Canada's diverse ecosystems, fuels life and influences the daily routines of the country’s inhabitants.