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Season 3

Episode 1- Pablo Zafirekudo
Pablo is part of the Huitoto tribe in the Amazon in Southern Colombia. In an effort to preserve his rapidly disappearing cultural traditions, he practices body painting with the juice of the huito fruit.
Episode 2- Rosa Lopez
Rosa is a 50-year-old Wayuu Elder who lives in Northeastern Colombia with her family. The Wayuu culture is matriarchal, and Rosa is responsible for teaching traditional knowledge like weaving, knitting, dancing and face-painting.
Episode 3- Elle Festin
Elle Festin specializes in Filipino tribal designs. More than twenty years ago, he started to research the Filipino tattoo culture. More and more Filipinos became interested in those designs, starting the Mark of the Four Waves Tribe.
Episode 4- Turumakina Duley
Based in Australia, Turumakina Duley has been part of the Māori ta moko for 26 years. His approach is to heal the body, mind and spirit.
Episode 5- Kanahus Manuel
World-renowned land defender Kanahus Manuel, of the Secwepmc Nation in British Columbia, is revitalizing ancient tattoo practices that she believes represent thousands of years of her people’s ancient connection to the land.
Episode 6- Keith Callihoo
Kanien'kehá:ka artist Keith Callihoo keeps his relationship to the land and to his ancestors’ stories alive through his tattoo practice. He strives to pass these teachings on to his 9-year-old daughter, Hayden, who is always by his side.
Episode 7- Heather Kiskihkoman
Nehiyaw/Anishinaabe artist Heather Kiskihkoman finds inspiration for her tattoo designs on the land where she grew up and still lives today. She shares this journey with her family as they prepare for her sister Vivienne’s first traditional tattoo.
Episode 8- Toby Sicks
Struggling to find direction, Toby Sicks credits the discovery of his Métis heritage to his success as a tattoo artist. Overcoming his addiction to become the hard working Métis man he is today, Toby sets a great example for youth.
Episode 9- Stacey Fayant
Born and raised in Regina, Sask., Stacey Fayant is a Métis and Cree tattoo artist who has found a way to give back to her urban Indigenous community by revitalizing the practice of skin stitch and hand poke.
Episode 10- Lianna Spence
Lianna Spence is a 38-year-old Tsishiam artist from Prince Rupert who has recently picked up the art of tattooing. Her beautifully detailed traditional designs have attracted a clientele from near and far.
Episode 11- Isaac Weber
Isaac Weber, a multidisciplinary artist who is both Créole from the Cape Verde Islands and Anishnawbek from Inlet First Nations, has recently taken up tattooing as a means to reconnect with his family and his community.
Episode 12- Danika Naccarella
Danika Naccarella is from the Nuxalk Nation in Bella Coola, B.C. She was officially adopted into the Nation at birth, but she has been making her mark in the community by working with the youth as an educator, visual artist and tattoo artist.
Episode 13- Gordon Sparks
With over 20 years of tattoo machine experience, Mi’kmaw mask carver Gordon Sparks is turning his skills to handpoke tattooing. Through his art, Gordon is reconnecting to his roots and bringing traditional tattooing home to the Mi’kmaw territories.