Season 1 | Secret History of the Wild West


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Season 1

Episode 1- Louder Than Words
Abandoned at birth and orphaned shortly after a half Blackfoot child learns how to walk in both worlds.
Episode 2- Bear Medicine
A young headstrong warrior seeks power through a vision quest.
Episode 3 - Untouchable
A young boy is gifted great power from a gopher which he uses to raise the status and quality of life for both his family and his people via his acts as a warrior, statesman and tribal leader.
Episode 4 - Peacemaker
A Metis/Stony raised Cree is gifted with the power to call the buffalo and grows into a Peacemaker.
Episode 5- Rope Around My Neck
A Cree leader’s power, gifted to him by the Grizzly spirit, enables Big Bear to predict destructive future events.
Episode 6- The Chosen One
Riel unites his people in an armed resistance movement against the Canadian government.
Episode 7- A Man About a Horse
Piikunii man finds himself questioning his belief system when he receives a strong prophetic dream.
Episode 8- Who Aren't in Heaven
A shaman loses at a demonstration of spirit power, he is lifted into heaven and meets with the Chief of the Sky People.
Episode 9- Old Soul
A young boy has powerful visions that connects him with the spirit world and endows him with unique abilities.
Episode 10 - Thunder Chief
Gifted with mystical powers and spirituality that would prove legendary in battle
Episode 11- Snake Man
A mourning warrior takes comfort on a hill where he is adopted in a vision by the snake people and given a unique power
Episode 12- Consumed
A loving family man’s life is turned upside down when his dreams are haunted by an insatiable forest spirit that beckons
Episode 13- Billy
After making a “deal” with a mysterious stranger a native ranch hands rises to fame and fortune.