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Season 4

Episode 1 - Our Timix Family
Guests Sarah Alexis and Aleksandra Dulic share their knowledge of the Okanagan waterways and the steps people are taking to preserve them. Tracey also enjoys a traditional healthy meal with Sara Tronson.
Episode 2 - Abandoned Gardens
Tracey and Jennifer discuss the ongoing traumas created by the Canadian residential school system. Joined by guests Adam Eneas, Michael Brezner and Taylor Lezard, Tracey learns about the K’əmcnitkw (“Alongside the Water”) Floodplain Re-engagement Project.
Episode 3 - Power on With Timix
Ellen Simmons helps Tracey reconnect with the environment to learn about how her community can benefit from both Western science and traditional Indigenous knowledge. Then, the pair joins Keenan Thrussell and Zoë Jacoe to learn about their sustainable winery.
Episode 4 - Feed the People
Tracey is introduced to the community relief agencies Mamas for Mamas and the Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society. These organizations act as a lifeline within their community, providing fresh food, clothing and workforce training opportunities for residents in need.
Episode 5 - Loving Our Timix
Tracey meets Jaye Siegmueller, the owner of Farm Bound, and learns about their organic food delivery service. She then returns home to learn from Dawn Russell about food preservation. Tracey also speaks with Tessa Terbasket about her sustainable cattle farm.
Episode 6 - This Land Right Here
Justin Peters and Victor Antoine join Tracey to learn about Indigenous medicines. Tracey and her niece Bella put together a wild rice salad and serve it with meat that was prepared in the smoke pit by Tracey’s uncle.
Episode 7 - Puti kwu ala
Tracey speaks with local grocers regarding food sovereignty. Jennifer Money shares a poem reflecting on residential schools and the resilience of Survivors. Tracey goes on to teach Kylie Jack how to make a local and delicious salad.
Episode 8 - Leaders of Our Children
Tracey meets with three community leaders to discuss how they are guiding the next generation and fostering a healthy community. Tracey shares her knowledge and helps create a delicious meal of sausage with salad.
Episode 9 - Seeds Of Knowledge
Tracey continues to learn about sustainable food practices and farming techniques. Kelsie Kilawna joins Tracey to discuss Indigenous voices in the media. Tracey then visits a café where she trades recipes with an old friend.
Episode 10 - The Semi Desert Garden
Tracey returns to an ancestral gathering place to talk about its significance and then visits another culturally important site with Carrie Terbasket to discuss preservation efforts in the area. Tracey reconnects with her cousins and walks the land with them.
Episode 11 - Regeneration
Tracey visits the Lower Nicola Indian Band and speaks with Chief Stuart Jackson about the devastation caused by recent climatic events. Tracey then meets Lorna Shuter, operator of Shulus Gardens, and cooks a meal with the band school’s chef, Penny Toodlican.
Episode 12 - Cultivating Timix
Tracey meets author Elaine Alec who discusses her book and her efforts in the Indigenous community. Tracey goes on to meet Denise Lecoy and her granddaughter to make a traditional rattle. She then completes her journey with her friend Csetkwe Fortier.
Episode 13 - These are My Friends
Tracey discusses day schools and the impact they have had. She meets Toni George, the principal at Outma Sqilx’w Cultural School, and is serenaded by the school’s students. Afterwards, Tracey and Toni prepare a delicious meal together.