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Episode Guide

Episode 1 — Meet Massey & Iceis
Massey Whiteknife lives half his life as an oil-patch entrepreneur trying to grow his business; the other half, he lives as an over-the-top female recording artist named Iceis Rain. Massey and his company were on top of the world, until the price of oil collapsed and Fort McMurray forest fire of 2016. Now, he’s determined to rebuild his company and get back on top. And that means introducing his wild and unpredictable alter ego – Iceis Rain – into the business.

Episode 2 — This is Where I’m From
Massey takes a business trip to his hometown of Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. He hasn’t been home in a long time and has mixed feelings about being back, because it was a hard place for a young, gay boy to grow up. While in town, he helps an old friend deal with tragedy, and is confronted by his Mom over his plans to transition into Iceis Rain full-time.

Episode 3 — Driver!
Three months ago, Massey was in a brutal car accident and is now dealing with a host of issues. He’s not currently driving, but in Northern Alberta, if you want to do business, you’ve got to drive. While Massey interviews drivers, his alter ego, Iceis Rain, seeks out a teacher to help her learn women’s fancy shawl dance. But a troublesome vice could prevent Iceis from fulfilling her dream of dancing in a Powwow.

Episode 4 — Boudoir to Boardroom
Massey is trying to grow his company in the local mining community, and part of the plan involves bringing Iceis into the business. Massey worries that Iceis’ current attire may not translate from the bars to the boardroom. In an effort to re-build Iceis’s wardrobe, Massey heads off on a day of shopping with his friend Amanda. It’s good clean fun, until Massey introduces Amanda to his favourite kinky S&M shop.

Episode 5 — Rabbit Soup & The Party Hog
Massey receives a surprise visit from his ex-fiancé and they reminisce about high school days. While Massey is busy with a yard sale in Fort McKay, Iceis is busy in Edmonton, setting up a show with rowdy rock n’ roller, ‘The Party Hog’. But what Iceis doesn’t realize, is how much this bar gig is going to affect her emotionally.

Episode 6 — Publicity Whirl!
Massey visits the Ben Calf Robe Powwow in Edmonton in preparation for Iceis’ fancy dancing debut. He also visits a gay United Church minister who gives him advice on faith and Two Spiritedness. Then he’s off on a hectic publicity whirl for the BECA (Building Empathy Conquering Apathy) Conference, where Massey is going to share his life story, and Iceis is booked to perform… if they can get to the venue in time.

Episode 7 — First Powwow
Massey has been yearning to take a spirit walk for years and now he’s finally doing it. The only problem is, he has no tent, no backpack, no hiking boots, and his flip-flops have no arch support! Despite the problems, Massey discovers a deep truth about himself while out in the forest. And Iceis ventures to Winnipeg to take part in the first Two Spirit Powwow to ever be held in Manitoba.

Episode 8 — Time for Pride
Iceis is asked to be a parade marshal for Edmonton’s Pride Parade. This is the first time Two Spirit people have been gifted this honour and Iceis is eager to accept. It’s a day of unity and joy capped off by a killer performance by Iceis.