Season 1 | Pow Wow Chow


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Season 1

Episode 1- Mississaugi First Nation (MFN)
Chiblow Fish & Chips and the Pow Wow Cafe head north to Mississauga No. 8 First Nation. It’s old hat for Chief Bob Chiblow and his wife, but a first for Chef Shawn Adler, who’s reconnected with his high school sweetheart and has brought her along for the ride.
Episode 2- MFN, Hillside Folk Festival & Whitefish First Nation
Struggling to leave new friends behind, Shawn and Whitney load up and head for the Hillside Music Festival. Meanwhile, Bob and Rhonda recruit some unsuspecting relatives and make their way to a busy powwow at Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation.
Episode 3- Hillside Folk Festival & Whitefish First Nation
Shawn sets up with a much bigger team at the renowned Hillside Music Festival, where he’s already a legend. Meanwhile, Chief Bob must dodge a few bears and renege on a deal to cope with a dwindling fish supply at Whitefish Lake.
Episode 4- Wikwemikong First Nation
It’s a race against the clock to cross the swinging bridge at Little Current and get set up on Manitoulin Island. With new recruits, both Bob and Shawn have big expectations for the first post-pandemic powwow at Wikwemikong First Nation.
Episode 5- Wikwemikong First Nation Part 2
As the line-ups grow at the Wiki Pow Wow on Manitoulin Island, Bob gets help from his hard-working cousin Todd. Rhonda’s feeling right at home. And Shawn’s brother Howard finds himself caught up in a sticky situation.
Episode 6- Serpent River First Nation
Bob used to fish commercially, but now he’s frying it up on the powwow trail. After buying a load of Lake Huron whitefish, he heads to Serpent River. The recent addition of Rhonda’s son and daughter to the Chiblow team creates new challenges for them.
Episode 7- Chiblow Lake Lodge & Beaver Valley Fall Fair
Halfway through the powwow season, Bob catches up on some of his chief duties and then kicks back with Rhonda. Meanwhile, Shawn scrambles to fill a sudden hole in his schedule by setting up at a fall fair where nobody’s heard of an Indian taco.
Episode 8- Beaver Valley Fall Fair and Curve Lake First Nation
At the Beaver Valley Fall Fair, Shawn gets grief over a chainsaw chili paddle and learns he makes a better Indian than a cowboy. Adding another family member to his team, Bob scrambles to switch up his menu after running out of fish at the Curve Lake powwow.
Episode 9- Garden River First Nation & Summerfolk Festival
Garden River First Nation is ready for a powwow, but both the event and Chiblow Fish & Chips are challenged by a power outage. Meanwhile, Shawn gets help from a cherished mentor at the Summerfolk Music Festival.
Episode 10- Chippewas of Rama First Nation
The Chiblow Fish & Chips and Pow Wow Cafe teams watch out for each other as they face hot days and long lineups at the Chippewas of Rama First Nation powwow.
Episode 11- Chippewas of Rama First Nation Part 2
As the Chippewas of Rama First Nation powwow comes to an end, propane and food supplies dwindle. Meanwhile, Shawn and Art participate in an ancient ritual known as the snake dance.
Episode 12- Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation
Shawn and Whitney get 800 catered meals out the door before they head to Sutton, Ont., with Shawn’s daughter for the Georgina Island powwow. Bob considers making some menu changes, especially when the event gets hit by heavy rain.
Episode 13- Madahoki Farm & Flying Chestnut Kitchen
This year’s trail ends with Bob feeling the stress of being only one of two vendors at a powwow outside of Ottawa. Meanwhile, Shawn gets back to catering from his Toronto café, and hosts Bob and Rhonda for a season-end feast at his home base in Eugenia.