Season 1 | Petroglyphs to Pixels


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Season 1

Episode 1 - Alex Janvier
We explore the world of a pre-eminent, abstract artist who paints “notably native”.
Episode 2 - Rosalie Favel
A photographer turned painter, we join this artist as she gets “Wrapped in Culture”.
Episode 3 - Lou Ann Neel
A designer with passion and reverence for traditions is an advocate for cultural justice.
Episode 4 - James Hart
From the carvers’ blade Haida art unfolds history into a contemporary tale.
Episode 5 - Nadia Myre
The contemporary art world meets a carrier of ideas with a sobering message.
Episode 6 - Lawrence Paul
One of a kind, this artist has too many bad colonial days and he WILL kill the Indian Act.
Episode 7 - Dozay Christmas
A visual artist who became a messenger of Glooscap, helping to bring stories to life.
Episode 8 - Teresa Marshall
Satire and irony find definition in the textiles and paintings of this Mik Mak woman.
Episode 9 - Skeena Reece
Performance, humor, irony and the unexpected, form the art of this amazing woman.
Episode 10 - Manasiah Akpaliapik
We get to witness a whale bone transformed into an Inuit story, with songs and reverence.
Episode 11 - Alan Syliboy
This is one artist who will tell and show us how Petroglyphs became Pixels.
Episode 12 - Connie Watts
An artist and interior designer combines elegance and form-line art to achieve beauty.
Episode 13 - A Multitude of Thoughts
We explore how art forms translate or are conceived in an indigenous language.