Season 1 | On The Front Line


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Season 1

Episode 1 - Taking Preventive Action
At the Manawan clinic, a nurse takes the vitals of a patient suffering from neurological issues. In Montreal, street workers distribute harm reduction supplies.
Episode 2 - Outreach Intervention
In Wendake, an Innu worker from the Regroupement Mamit Innuat visits a patient who is undergoing life-saving dialysis treatments. An Atikamekw nurse prepares to receive patients at the friendship centre in La Tuque.
Episode 3 - First Responders
In Manawan, a concerned nurse prepares medication for a young woman who is at risk of experiencing a spontaneous abortion. Later, first responders head out in search of a young woman who is having suicidal thoughts.
Episode 4 - Adapting Interventions
In Manawan, an Atikamekw nurse examines a young girl suffering from chronic pain. In Montreal, the manager of the drop-in at a friendship centre discusses the importance of considering intergenerational trauma in one’s social and medical responses.
Episode 5 - Caring for People in Remote Communities
An Atikamekw nurse suspects signs of cancer relapse in a patient he’s examining at the Joliette hospital. In Wendake, a worker hears from a heartbroken patient who is waiting to find out if he is eligible for a transplant.
Episode 6 - A Human-Oriented Approach
Near La Tuque, on an ancestral territory known as Neroski, an outreach worker sets off in a canoe and witnesses the moving testimony of a man who is following in his footsteps. Later, a worker assists an elderly patient with reduced mobility.
Episode 7 - Treatment and Prevention
In Montreal, a street worker helps create a space that can be used to provide culturally appropriate services to Indigenous people in vulnerable situations. In Manawan, a nurse assesses and reassures a sick child with unusual symptoms.
Episode 8 - Working in a Team
In Manawan, first responders assist someone who is in psychosis and rescue a young woman who has been assaulted. At the clinic, a nurse suspects that a young man with shortness of breath may have a heart condition.
Episode 9 - Helping Future Generations
At the Manawan clinic, a nurse examines a young boy with breathing problems and suspects that he may have a serious infection. The director of the friendship centre in La Tuque explains that healing is more than individual.
Episode 10 - Intervening in All Circumstances
First responders bring a young man to the hospital in Manawan when he loses consciousness. In Montreal, a street worker assists a vulnerable woman who has lost a piece of identification.
Episode 11 - Finding One’s Calling
A nurse assesses a woman in the late stages of her pregnancy who is worried about sciatic nerve pain. Later, a social service worker organizes a community activity in Wendake that changes the daily lives of patients in long-term care.
Episode 12 - Traditional and Western Medicine
In Manawan, a nurse notices signs of a serious infection in a patient and recommends that he go to the hospital. Near La Tuque, at the Neroski site, workers organize a healing ceremony for men experiencing hardships.
Episode 13 - On the Front Line
First responders transport an ill elderly woman to the clinic in Manawan. Later, street workers in Montreal counsel a vulnerable woman who confides in them about her suicidal thoughts after the loss of her daughter.