National Indigenous Peoples Day


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Indigenous Day Live 2022 Encore
APTN Indigenous Day Live 2022 is a powerful celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ unparalleled artistic achievements!
6:00 am ET MT CT ET
La Terre En Nous
Nous avons perdu le contact avec la Terre-Mère, mais des expériences autochtones authentiques peuvent nous aider à nous réconcilier avec elle. Christian Pilon se rend au Eagle Medecine Camp au Manitoba où l’on se soigne à l’aide de plantes médicinales, puis il rencontre Allen Colley à Toronto pour découvrir une nature en pleine ville. Enfin, nous découvrons Amishk Aventures amérindiennes qui offrent une immersion authentique en forêt à seulement une heure de Montréal.
8:00am ET MT ET
Adventures on Inuit Land (Inuk)
In this episode, we visit the community of Kuujjuaq during the Aqpik Jam Festival. Many activities center around the praised arpik, the cloudberry. This festival features outdoor games, feasts and a wide range of musical performances.
8:00am CT
La Terre En Nous
Au Canada, des communautés autochtones produisent de l’énergie de manière durable en respectant leurs valeurs. À Fisher River au Manitoba, Christian Pilon assiste à la construction d’un projet solaire qui implique les membres de la communauté. À Kanaka Bar, en Colombie-Britannique, le chef Michell présente sa centrale hydroélectrique au fil de l’eau. Tandis qu’à Batchewana, en Ontario, le chef Sayers parle des valeurs qui ont été associées à l’installation d’un parc éolien.
8:30am ET MT ET
Adventures on Inuit Land Inuk
In this episode, we go to the most southern village in Nunavik, Kuujjuaraapik, during the Wildberry Festival. This festival features berry-picking contests with wild prizes as well as feasts and musical performances in the evenings.
8:00am CT
Going Native
Drew reveals an Indigenous survivalist-past when he visits the Canadian Rockies. He learns how to live with no tools or shelter and how to throw the deadly Central American weapon called the “atlatl” spear. He also visits an ancient tribe in Washington state.
9:00am ET MT CT ET
Future History
Kris walks through the Sheguiandah Quarry on Manitoulin Island, an unmarked prehistoric site that proves Indigenous settlement since the Ice Age. Sarain visits with Anishnaabe Singer/Drummer/Teacher Tasheena Sarazin who creates safe places for women around the drum, on the pow wow trail, and in their own families and communities. Kris and Sarain get a glimpse into the food sustainability programs created by Enaadmaagehjik: Wikwemikong Development Commission on Manitoulin Island..
9:30am ET MT CT ET
Merchants of the Wild
The group learns to harvest and prepare a lake dweller, but it is not for the squeamish. Daybi reflects on how far he has come, and how much more there is to be done, for himself, and his people.
10:00am ET MT CT ET
Merchants of the Wild
The return of one adventurer and addition of another gives the group hope as their search for food becomes desperate. As the rain finally clears to reveal a blue sky, the explorers find themselves both physically and emotionally exhausted.
10:30am ET MT CT ET
Haudenosaunee Canoe Journey
A single Iroquois father brings his daughter on a canoe voyage, as he seeks to unlock the ancient trade routes of his ancestors. His hopes are to revitalize the relationship between land and life for those taking part in this historical journey across Haudenosaunee Confederacy waters.
11:00am MT, ET, CT
Indigenous Day Live Encore
APTN Indigenous Day Live 2022 is a powerful celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ unparalleled artistic achievements!
12:00pm ET MT CT ET
Yukon Harvest
Twelve-year-old, Evan hunts with Secwepemc Knowledge Keeper, Ed, in a sharing of culture and life lessons.
2:00pm ET MT CT ET
Yukon Harvest
A Gwich’in father and daughter travel to the Yukon to meet distant relatives and harvest a moose for the community.
2:30pm ET MT CT ET
First Across the Line
Downhill Mountain Biking is bringing Aboriginal people back to their ancestral British Columbia territory in new ways. This episode features Brianna Kelly, a 16-year-old who can shred like the pros, on her journey to the Silver Star Downhill B.C. Cup with her coach and mentor, Jay Bearhead. We also meet Tom Eustache, a trailblazer who has pioneered the building of professional biking trails and clubs for his community.
3:00pm ET MT CT ET
First Across the Line
Canoeing has been a part of the West Coast First Nations cultures throughout the centuries. Today, canoe families train and spend their summers travelling up and down the coast of B.C. competing in races. In this episode, we meet members of Cowichan Tribes First Nation, including master traditional dugout canoe carver Jedson August, Kevin Paige, former racer who now runs the community’s canoe club and coordinates canoeing events, and his daughter Janelle, a paddler and competitive racer. Elder ‘Luschiim’ Arvid Charlie, speaks about his life with the canoes and his trailblazing role in keeping this ancient tradition very much alive.
3:30pm ET MT CT ET
Gespe’gewa’gi: The Last Land
In this episode, we meet the Listuguj Rangers who patrol the river and the Baie des Chaleurs.
4:00pm ET MT CT ET
Gespe’gewa’gi: The Last Land
Former Captain Josh Barnaby is determined to work his way back to his old position after being demoted to deckhand.
4:30pm ET MT CT ET
Gespe’gewa’gi: The Last Land
Mi’gmaq fishing guides prepare for the 2019 salmon season and their first guests at the Kedgwick Lodge.
5:00pm ET MT CT ET
Gespe’gewa’gi: The Last Land
Fishing season takes a mid-summer pause, but Lita and her powwow crew are in full swing – rain or shine.
5:30pm ET MT ET
First Talk
Native Code of Ethics Are You Co-dependent? Talking Stick Discussion
5:30pm CT
Yukon Harvest
A young Na-Cho Nyak Dun woman learns more about her culture and history by getting out on the land with her family.
7:00pm ET MT CT ET
Yukon Harvest
Geri-Lee, Jodie, and Hazel take matters into their own hands in order to provide food for their community.
7:30pm ET MT CT ET
Indigenous Day Live Encore
APTN Indigenous Day Live 2022 is a powerful celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ unparalleled artistic achievements!
8:00pm ET MT CT ET
Michif Country
Actress Michelle Thrush learns about ice fishing and tries it out herself!
10:00pm ET MT CT ET
Michif Country
Earl St. Goddard, a seasoned hunter, trapper and fisherman hosts Leela Gilday. He takes Leela rabbit trapping and his family joins in to help.
10:30pm ET MT CT ET
Michif Country
Vinnie Karetak, an Inuit artist and actor, tries his hand at commercial fishing on Lake Manitoba. He spends three days learning the ins and outs of fishing.
11:00pm ET MT CT ET
Michif Country
MJ Dandeneau is currently immersed in a new cultural project where she is visiting Métis communities and learning some traditional songs in order to revive traditional Métis fiddle music and give it a new sound.
11:30pm ET MT CT ET
Wild Archaeology
Rudy, Jen and Jacob travel east to Mohawk territory and Ile Saint Bernard, a small island on the Saint Lawrence near Kahnawà:ke and Montreal, Quebec. Ile Saint Bernard is home to a range of diverse occupations stretching back 4,000 years. After digging in and exploring the island, the team journeys to a reconstructed Mohawk village in Saint Anicet to learn how to make traditional black ash baskets with elder Richard Nolan.
12:00am ET MT CT ET
Wild Archaeology
The team tours Kahnawà:ke with Survival School teacher Dwayne Stacey, who explains the significance of the rapids for the Kanien’keha:ka, or Mohawk people. Rudy, Jen and Jacob board a white-water raft and brave the Lachine Rapids. Back at Ile Saint Bernard, Jen and Jacob dig deeper into precontact archaeology. Jacob prepares to dance the Echoes of a Proud Nation Pow Wow.
12:30am ET MT CT ET
Wild Archaeology
The team heads north to Iqaluit, and onwards from there to the remote, rocky island of Qaummaarviit to excavate the traditional whalebone winter house that would have been home to the ancestors of Inookie Adamie, Iqaluit’s oldest elder and the traditional steward of Qaummaarviit. Inuit led, this is indigenous archaeology in action. It’s also Wild Archaeology at its wildest – the team will be completely off the grid and stranded by the tides in the far north.
1:00am ET MT ET
Rayna and her family are being welcomed back into her community with a public ceremony. But Rayna’s mother, Molly Wasnoday, is anything but welcoming with her passive aggressive attitude.
1:00am CT
Wild Archaeology
Digging deeper into arctic archaeology, Rudy finds something unexpected. The team works hard to finish excavating the qammaq. Radio chatter in Inuktitut alerts the team to action out on the water: the hunters have spotted a whale. The first bowhead hunt in decades, this is cultural revitalization in practice, and if the hunt is successful, its bones will be used to rebuild the whalebone winter house.
1:30am ET MT CT ET
We’ve all heard the Sasquatch stories, but is there more to know? This documentary digs deep into the Indigenous experience to uncover surprising little-known sightings and spiritual messages that might change what you thought you knew about Sasquatch.
2:00am ET MT CT ET
The Other Side
Unrest at a Mi’kmaq burial site puts the team on high alert – but the playful spirit they find needs their help.
3:00am ET MT CT ET
The Other Side
On an abandoned island, spirits taunt the team with cryptic messages; a young man has an experience with the other side.
3:30am ET MT CT ET
Adventures on Inuit Land (Inuk)
Willie Jararuse and his son Sandy explore the waters of the Hudson Straight near Quaqtaq and spot some muskoxen!
4:00am ET MT CT ET
Adventures on Inuit Land (Inuk)
Willie Jararuse and his son Sandy hunt for seal in the waters of the Hudson Straight near Quaqtaq.
4:30am ET MT CT ET
Our People, Our Land
Elders and community members share their memories spent at False River and the importance of the river to their society.
5:00am ET MT CT ET
Our People, Our Land
Hunter-fishermen teach how to set up and pull a fishing net out under ice. Later the guides share how they feed their sled dogs from their fresh catch.
5:30am ET MT CT ET