Season 1 | Nation Untamed


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Season 1

Episode 1 - Medicine and Survival
Sam and Chuck travel to the Painted Warriors Ranch in Alberta to learn traditional Métis bush skills, including fire starting, horse packing and identifying medicinal plants. Then, they put their new skills to the test on an overnight adventure.
Episode 2 - The Mighty Bison
Sam and Chuck go on an unexpected adventure at a Manitoba bison ranch, where they harvest, skin and butcher the animals by hand. They also visit a First Nation in Saskatchewan that’s re-establishing its own bison herd.
Episode 3 - Mountain Lion Hunters
Sam and Chuck travel to southwestern Colorado to learn about the Southern Ute Tribe. Trekking through the magnificent San Juan Mountains in search of a mountain lion, they come face to face with an apex predator.
Episode 4 - Trapping the Elusive Lynx
Sam and Chuck spend a few days as helpers on a large northern Saskatchewan trapline, where they learn new techniques from Woodland Cree trapper Jarret Nelson. They also learn how to catch the elusive lynx, an animal that Chuck has never trapped before.
Episode 5- Ice Spearfishing
Sam and Chuck head to Lac du Flambeau in Wisconsin, where they head out onto the dark, frozen lakes to learn how to fish giant muskellunge. This fish is particularly special to the Ojibwe, who have traditional ways of hunting it.
Episode 6- Culture Camp
Sam and Chuck journey to the boreal forest of northern Saskatchewan to experience traditional dogsledding and snowshoeing. They discover how a remote camp uses land-based learning initiatives to help keep Cree culture and language alive.
Episode 7- Arctic Adventure
Sam and Chuck journey to Canada’s Arctic, gaining a new appreciation for the far North and the people who live there. They experience a landscape and a traditional hunt unlike any they have witnessed before.
Episode 8- Goose Break
In northern Quebec, Sam goes goose hunting for the first time and learns how special this bird is to the Cree. He takes part in a Cree rite of passage and learns about traditions that show respect to the animals being harvested.
Episode 9- Black Bear Bow Hunt
In the boreal forest of northern Alberta, at-risk moose populations are further endangered by a growing number of bears. To help combat the issue, Sam and Chuck join another Métis father-son duo to hunt black bear using only a bow.
Episode 10- East Coast Eeling
Using specially designed and handcrafted spears, Sam and Chuck brave coastal waters late at night to hunt eels with a family of Mi’kmaq hunters in Cape Breton, N.S. They discover how intrinsic eel hunting is to Mi’kmaq history and ways of life.
Episode 11- The Hardest Hunt on Earth
In the remote mountains of Yukon, Sam and Chuck meet Sammy White from Kluane First Nation. Sam joins Sammy on the adventure of a lifetime as they track the majestic Dall sheep, considered by many to be the most difficult hunt on earth.
Episode 12- Manoomin
Sam and Chuck travel to the Bad River Indian Reservation in northern Wisconsin, where they learn about manoomin (wild rice) and the special relationship the Ojibwe have with it. They meet Dan and Gloria Wiggins, who show them how to harvest this unique food.
Episode 13- Metis Harvest
Sam and Chuck travel to St. Laurent, Man., one of the largest Métis communities in the world, where Sam learns more about his culture and becomes fully immersed in the Métis experience. Back on the shores of Lake Manitoba, Sam and Chuck reflect on their year.