Season 2 | Nations At War


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Season 2

Episode 1 - New Frontiers
From east to west, the Anishinaabe blazed a trail the world would follow.
Episode 2 - Death March
Deep in the Ohio Country, an Indigenous alliance would humble an empire.
Episode 3 - Father
The price of the Abenaki’s loyalty is their blood.
Episode 4 - Freedom Fighters
To keep their homeland, the Odawa must fight the British Empire.
Episode 5 - Eastern Front
In an age of clashing empires, the Maliseet would fight for their place in North America.
Episode 6 - Stand on Guard
In Canada’s darkest hour, Mohawk courage decided the fate of a nation.
Episode 7 - Rule the Waves
On the western edge of North America, two worlds collide.
Episode 8 - The Siege
A brutal war for the Pacific Northwest would be decided by a single battle.
Episode 9 - Prairie Fire
In a harsh land full of dangerous rivals, the Metis must fight to survive.
Episode 10 - Bleeding Kamloops
Welcome to T’kemlups, a violent boom town which helped give birth to British Columbia.
Episode 11 - Broken Promises
From exiles to conquerors, the Lakota nation would become legends.
Episode 12 - Medicine Line
Hunted by a ruthless enemy, the Nimiipuu faced an impossible fight for freedom.
Episode 13 - Manifest Destiny
For centuries, mass migration turned North America into a battleground.