Season 1 | Mi'kma'ki


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Season 1

Episode 1- Gwitna’q
For the Mi’kmaw community of Miawpukek First Nation, reviving the tradition of birch bark canoe building is a way to connect to the past and ensure cultural survival.
Episode 2- niKet (Food)
Indigenous research partners Max Liboiron and Liz Pijogge work together to study threats to food security and food sovereignty surrounding traditional Inuit food sources in Labrador.
Episode 3- Npisun
For Indigenous Peoples, the word “medicine” can have several connotations. Kenneth "Mutchie" Bennet has studied traditional Mi’kmaw medicine for many years. Now, he’s sharing his knowledge with Bobby White to ensure it is preserved for the next generation.
Episode 4- Wo’gumal
Chief Mi’sel Joe launches a groundbreaking genetic research project to uncover the truth and understand how the Beothuk were assimilated into Mi’kmaw communities for protection in the 1800s.