Season 1 | Got Identity


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Season 1

Episode 1- Friends and Identity
Nelson asks his best friend how come he didn't know he was Indigenous until the school system told him while Issa Kixen lets him know that mean aunties are real ... until they get to know you.
Episode 2- Wrestling and Skateboarding
Nelson discovers Indigenous people who wrestle and skateboard. Indigenous wrestling legend Wavell Starr tells Nelson that Kookums get aggressive when they watch wrestling while Michael Langan lets him know how skateboarding evolved from Indigenous peoples.
Episode 3- Deadly Pillow Talk
Nelson discovers how to be deadly from the deadliest Indigenous person on social media and makes his way to a residential school turned resort to chat about the difficulty with certain Indigenous languages to have sensual pillow talk
Episode 4- I Can't Be More Indigenous
Nelson chats with legendary comedian Howie Miller about Halloween costumes and facial hair, then meets up with his friend from Oji-Cree country, Lyle Wood, and asks whether he dreams in his language and if he can borrow his treaty card to get some gas
Episode 5- Do We Have to Skoden?
Nelson deliberates on whether to skoden with playwright Darla Contois since her family lives across from Nelson's family later Nelson learns what it's like to be a white-presenting Indigenous person with songwriter and performer Ila Barker
Episode 6- Don't Put What in My Body?
Nelson meets with Anishinaabe physician Dr. Lisa Monkman to talk about how she integrates Indigenous values into her medical practice. Later, he meets with life coach Jessica Dumas to chat about her heritage and history.
Episode 7- Careful with Teasing
In this episode, Nelson meets with Cree Elder Winston Wuttunee to talk about the dangers of mocking white people. Later, he meets with stand-up comedian Chad Anderson to talk about his journey towards embracing his Indigenous identity.
Episode 8- Mexico Is the Same
Nelson meets with Indigenous comedian Ron Kanutski to talk about his experience at a Canadian school. The pair discusses the impact of assumptions being made about their culture and then delves into the lack of awareness about Indigenous Peoples in schools.
Episode 9- Cancel My Brother
Nelson asks his brother about that time he wore 'brown face' for halloween, later Nelson sits down with the director of the show to chat about his family's connection to the most famous fake Indigenous person the world had ever seen, Grey Owl