Season 1 | Ghost Hunters of the Grand River


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Season 1

Episode 1- Pauline Johnson, Part One
The ghost hunters investigate Chiefswood National Historic Site, better known by locals as Pauline Johnson House. As the childhood home of renowned Mohawk poetess E. Pauline Johnson, it is one of the most important Mohawk sites on Six Nations territory.
Episode 2- Pauline Johnson, Part Two
The team continues to investigate Pauline Johnson House, the location that solidified S.N.I.P.E.’s formation. The ghost hunters hope to collect evidence of ghosts who occupy both the home and the surrounding land.
Episode 3- Sanderson Centre
The ghost hunters investigate a theatre, hoping to capture evidence of strange paranormal occurrences including reports of a deceased former employee who still occupies the building.
Episode 4- Sharon Temple
The ghost hunters investigate strange happenings reported by visitors and employees in several buildings at the Sharon Temple, a designated national historic site. The team’s mission is to connect with both the builder of the temple and its founder.
Episode 5- Niagara Courthouse
The ghost hunters investigate the tales of the haunted Old Niagara-on-the-Lake Courthouse, where an old judge reportedly still occupies his former office and prisoners sentenced to death have been heard claiming their innocence.
Episode 6- Music Conservatory
The ghost hunters investigate the many reports of paranormal incidents at the Royal Conservatory of Music, including disembodied singing, apparitions, pianos playing on their own and shadow figures occupying a theatre.
Episode 7- Arlington Hotel
The ghost hunters travel to Paris, Ont., to investigate the haunted history of the Arlington Hotel, where many guests have witnessed apparitions. Several floors of the hotel are known as paranormal hotspots, and it is these floors that S.N.I.P.E. focuses on.
Episode 8- Franklin House
The ghost hunters investigate The Franklin House, the alleged home of a mischievous spirit named Jesse. Jesse is said to occupy the second floor of the hotel-turned-pub, playing tricks on patrons and employees alike.
Episode 9- Auchmar Mansion
The ghost hunters explore the abandoned Auchmar Mansion with spiritual medium Kim Hadfield, who hopes to gather evidence of the paranormal events she has experienced within the mansion's walls.
Episode 10- Niagara Power Plant
The ghost hunters take on one of their biggest investigations yet at the renowned Niagara Parks Power Station, where the plant creator's widow is said to wander in search of her long-dead love.
Episode 11- Park House Museum
The ghost hunters seek to explain the many paranormal events that have been reported at the Park House Museum, one of the oldest buildings in Ontario. Here, cabinet doors are said to open and close at random and children are said to run in and out of rooms.
Episode 12- Bingo Hall
The ghost hunters explore the Six Nations Bingo Hall, a place known for its stories of spooky paranormal occurrences. Security guards speak of the door shaking, an old man appearing in the hallways and dogs heard roaming late at night.
Episode 13- Canadian Automotive Museum
The ghost hunters investigate the Canadian Automotive Museum, a former car dealership from the 1920s. Curiously, there are reports of a home next-door burning down in the 1930s, where a deceased young boy and girl are said to still wander the site.