Get Your Fish on


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About Get Your Fish on

Get Your Fish On is a brand new competitive fishing show that follows series host, Mandy Kupenga, and a local female as they take on a couple of local men in a new fishing contest each episode.

With a new location, different target fish, different fishos and a new set of challenges each episode, this is a series that’s fresher than fish on salt ice.

Choc-a-block with fierce on-board banter, screaming reels and non-stop fishing action this is a series filled with jeopardy, hi-jinks and humour.

Wedged into this adrenalin-filled on-water action is information that touches on local fishing history, conservation and the importance of ‘catch and release’ fishing to maintain stocks for our future generations as well as a ton of top fishing tips.

In short it’s a fishing show that’s fun for the family and the hard-core fishing fanatic too!