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Season 1

Episode 1 — Origin Stories: Where Do I Begin?
Kris Nahrgang, and Sarain Carson Fox share their personal origin stories. After visiting Traditional Teacher Isaac Murdoch at Nimkii Aazhbikoong Culture Camp, Kris takes Sarain on an underwater diving exploration. Sarain brings Kris to meet her dad, Chief of the Eastern Doorway of the Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge, in Shawanaga First Nation.

Episode 2 — The Children
Kris and Sarain speak with Child Welfare Activist Cindy Blackstock. Residential School Survivor Roberta Hill shares her experience from her time at the Mohawk Institute. 60’s Scoop Survivor and Throat Singer Nina Segalowitz tells her story about when she was stolen from the hospital and adopted out.

Episode 3 — Shifting Policy & Reclaiming Indigenous Knowledge
Sarain and Kris meet with First Nations Policy Analyst Russell Diabo in Innisfil who explains the history and impact of the Indian Act. They drop into an after-school youth program on Mnjikaning First Nation created by Social Worker Kendra Keetch and visit with Melissa Tidlumaluk Irwin at Nunavut Sivuniksavut, a cultural hub and university program for Inuit in Ottawa.

Episode 4 — Water
Sarain and Kris catch up with Water Walker Josephine Mandamin during her 10,900 mile walk around the Great Lakes and visit with Artist/Activist Christi Belcourt in Elliot Lake. On Georgina Island, Kris and Sarain witness the results of the restoration project of Gerties Creek supervised by Environmentalist Kerry-Ann Charles.

Episode 5 — Pow Wow & Exhibition
Kris and Sarain meet Knowledge Keeper and Traditional Dancer Jordan White Eye Williams who shares the history of the Pow Wow. In Toronto, they are invited into a theatre space with Activist Actor/Playwright Monique Mojica to talk about her show Side Show Freaks and Circus Injuns. Then, Sarain and Kris take a Hoop Dance workshop with Storyteller/Dancer Crystal “Beany” John.

Episode 6 — The Arts: Shifting The Narrative
Broadcaster and Curator Jessie Wente gives a deeper understanding of the effects of misrepresentation of Indigenous people in Hollywood. Sarain and Kris drop in on a drumming and singing workshop led by Singer/Actress Tamara Podemski and then a movement class with Artistic Directors Penny Couchie and Sid Bobb of Aanmitaagzi Story Makers.

Episode 7 — Food
Kris and Sarain visit Food Justice Advocate, Adrianne Lickers Xavier, at Six Nations Farmers Market where she manages the “Our Sustenance” program. Consultant and Traditional Teacher Bob Goulais talks about Sacred Law and how that applies to responsible fishing. Sarain and Kris experience Indigenous Cuisine prepared by Chef Joseph Shawana of Kūkŭm Kitchen in Toronto.

Episode 8 — Language
Anishnaabe Language Consultant Gabe Desrosiers talks about reclaiming the Creator’s language. At University of Toronto, Visual Artist/Filmmaker Susan Blight, who co-founded Ogimaa Mikana, which aims to restore Anishnaabemowin place names to the streets of Toronto. In Wahta First Nation Kris and Saran talk to Mohawk Language Instructor Ryan DeCaire who is leading the language revitalization movement in his community.

Episode 9 — Museums, Monuments & Living History
Kris and Sarain meet with Artist/Curator Tom Hill of the Woodland Cultural Centre who speaks about the rematriation of museum practices. In Ottawa they join Jaime Koebel on her Indigenous Walking Tour through the city. At the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Sarain and Kris learn how to make their own moccasins with Sage Petahtegoose from the Manitobah Mukluk Storyboot School.

Episode 10 — Wellness
Kris and Sarain meet with Traditional Healer/Counsellor John Rice in Orillia who teaches them about Mino Bimaadiziwin. They receive a check-up with Family Physician Dr. Karen Hill and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Val King and Elva Jamieson at Juddah’s Place, a health clinic that combines Indigenous and Western Medicine. Sarain and Kris visit with Personal Trainer Isabelle Aube who reminds them of their own power and strength.

Episode 11 — Cultural Appropriation
Sarain and Kris speak with Cultural Educator and Storyteller Lenore Keeshig who talks about the practice of “stealing stories.” In a studio in Toronto, they assist Designer/Curator Sage Paul in creating their own Indigenous fashion art installation. Kris and Sarain then visit Nadine St. Louis, Social Entrepreneur and Owner of Ashukan Cultural Space in Montreal and Multimedia Artist Jay Soule in Toronto.

Episode 12 — Justice
In Toronto, Lawyer Sara Mainville offers insights into Indigenous concepts of Justice and criminality. Using food to build community Johl Whiteduck Ringuette prepares lunch for Kris and Sarain at NishDish Marketeria. On the Sacred Grounds at the Collins Bay Penitentiary in Kingston, they talk with Elder Jim Johnson who brings ceremony, cultural support and medicines to the male inmates.

Episode 13 — Culture
Cultural Program Manager, Michael Etherington, at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto shares his thoughts on the practice, representation and education of culture. Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Rebeka Tabobondung invites Kris and Sarain into her home where she runs the online arts & culture publication Muskrat Magazine. Eddy Robinson talks about medicine bundles and his need to create his own cultural “bubble” in the big city.