First Contact


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About First Contact

Canadians’ opinions about the Indigenous people of this country are formed without any knowledge of the culture’s true history or firsthand experience of the present-day communities. This may explain the prevalence of racist, unsympathetic and generally prejudicial attitudes that are often directed towards Indigenous peoples.

First Contact takes six Canadians on a 28- day journey intended to challenge these attitudes and shed a light on the true Indigenous experience. The travelers, all with ignorant views about Indigenous People, have been invited to leave their everyday lives behind and embark on a unique journey, travelling deep into the Indigenous communities throughout Canada including the nation’s capital, Algonquin Anishanabek Territory, Labrador, Saskatchewan and the Yukon. It is a journey that will challenge their perceptions and confront their prejudices about a world they never imagined they would see. This exploration of the true Indigenous experience in Canada will change the participants’ lives forever.