Season 1 | Dreamcatchers


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Season 1

Episode 1- Totem-Master
When a headstrong tween has a dream about loggers chopping down an old growth forest, she sets out to stop them. Along the way, she discovers she has incredible ancestral superpowers!
Episode 2- Boy-Thunder
A tall, free-spirited man named Gordie becomes the next Dreamcatcher. He has a dream about an invasive species of fish destroying a lake’s ecosystem. Upon waking, he sets out to save the lake and discovers his ancestral powers along the way.
Episode 3- Kid Caribou
A young, inventive boy named Johnny is called to be a Dreamcatcher. Like the others before him, he dreams that a large corporation is threatening his community’s food supply. Johnny rushes to defend his home and discovers his ancestral powers in the process.
Episode 4- Rougarou
A young street kid named Roux is the last Dreamcatchers recruit. After a disturbing dream, she reluctantly tries to stop an evil corporation from producing toxic smoking devices and making people sick. Along the way, she discovers her incredible superpowers.
Episode 5- Wise-Cracker
Shortly after meeting each other for the first time, the Dreamcatchers receive their first assignment. A Dreamer has had a dream about a dangerous oil leak, so the group must find him and unlock his ancestral powers to stop the dream from coming true!
Episode 6- Brave-One
When the Dreamcatchers catch a dream about acid rain destroying a maple forest, they must find the Dreamer, unlock his ancestral superpowers and stop the dream from coming true before it’s too late.
Episode 7- Twister-Sister
The Dreamcatchers catch a dream about an evil land developer who plans on bulldozing an Indigenous farm so he can build a golf course. It’s up to the heroes to find the new Dreamer, unlock their powers and save the farm!
Episode 8- Vision-Quest
After catching a dream about giant bees destroying a peach orchard, the Dreamcatchers spring into action. Unfortunately, their Dreamer has her head stuck in the clouds and a mad scientist controls the giant bees. Can they save the orchard in time?
Episode 9- Buffalo-Boy
When a reserve is threatened, it’s up to the Dreamcatchers to save the day! But they can’t recruit their Dreamer until he finishes his homework, forcing the team to battle an evil bulldozer all by themselves. Can they recruit their Dreamer and save the day?
Episode 10- Jackie-Rabbit
The Dreamcatchers must find the Dreamer, unlock his superpowers and stop a giant robot from destroying the city!
Episode 11- Sasha-Squash
When the environment is threatened with pollution, it’s up to the Dreamcatchers to save the day!
Episode 12- Wendy-Go
When a reserve is threatened by a flood of toxic waste, it’s up to the Dreamcatchers to save the day!
Episode 13- Whale-Watcher
Plastic waste threatens to pollute the ocean and there’s only one group of heroes that can come to the rescue!
Episode 14- Looney-toon
A giant fishing boat is preying on all the fish in the sea! Can the Dreamcatchers save them in time?
Episode 15- Rock'n-roll
A sacred mountain is in danger of splitting in two! Can the Dreamcatchers band together and save it?
Episode 16- Drummer-girl
An evil construction crew plans to use dynamite on a lake. Can the Dreamcatchers stop them from making a splash?
Episode 17- Wolf-eyes
A giant pile of electronic waste threatens a reserve! Can the Dreamcatchers jump in before it’s too late?
Episode 18- Trans-former
A lake is in danger of being drained and only the Dreamcatchers are equipped to help!
Episode 19- Kid-cwayola
A dam monster threatens to flood a reserve. Can the Dreamcatchers put a stop to the disaster?
Episode 20- Salmonator
An oil spill threatens traditional land and its wildlife. Can the Dreamcatchers stop the mess before it happens?
Episode 21- Willy-whiskers
A lynx is pursued by poachers and the only ones who can help are the Dreamcatchers!
Episode 22- Little-arrow
A bubble monster gears up to pollute a local river and the Dreamcatchers try to stop it in its tracks!
Episode 23- Taira-byte
A thief prepares to steal water from a reserve and the Dreamcatchers jump into action to save the day.
Episode 24- Grizzly-girl
A flying saucer threatens to steal salmon eggs, but not if the Dreamcatchers have anything to say about it!
Episode 25- Tricky-vicky
The Dreamcatchers work together to prevent a grape orchard from catching fire.