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Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1 — Light
Join our Science Questers as they find out about how light has different temperatures; Kai shows us how to make your own sunset.

Episode 2 — Dwellings
Our Science Questors learn about Indigenous architect Douglas Cardinal, and An’ostin makes a lean-to in the woods.

Episode 3 — Big Bang
Visit with Elder Woody Morrison who shares about how it all began – from an Indigenous perspective and we learn some of the science of the big bang.

Episode 4 — Science of Music
Rock out with us as we make some noise and learn about the scientific wonders of music with musicians Gregory Coyes and Sheryl Sewepagaham.

Episode 5 — Animal Habitat
We can all help save animal homes — learn from Dr. Ruby Dunstan who helped protect the Stein Valley and wildlife habitat.

Episode 6 — Geology
We meet archaeologist Dr. Rudy Reimer to study the ground beneath out feet and Kai shows us how to make our own rocks!

Episode 7 — Canoes/Technology
Join our Science Questers as they learn about birch bark canoes and pilot Don Todd, who has flown on every continent except Antarctica.

Episode 8 — Biology
Join our Science Questers as they find out why salmon are important to so many Indigenous Nations — visit a salmon hatchery!

Episode 9 — Earth Science
Ethnobotanist Cease Wyss shares plant knowledge; Kai shows makes punk rock cabbage!

Episode 10 — Cosmos
Our Science Questers go in search of star knowledge and build a medicine wheel; Kai shows us how to make a homemade star projector.

Episode 11 — Math
Professor Shawn Desaulniers says numbers are everywhere; can you solve a Rubik’s’ cube?

Episode 12 — Science of Art
Celebrated artists Sonny Assu and Dionne Paul make art and show us how fascinating the world of colours and design can be.

Episode 13 — Chemistry
Isa celebrates the awesome accomplishments of Senator Lillian Dyck, a neuroscientist, and we learn how to make glue out of milk!