Season 1 | Bull's Eye


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Season 1

Episode 1- Languages
In order to win “Bull’s Eye,” each team must complete several unique games and quizzes. This week’s episode explores the theme of languages through a mix of interesting facts, artistic performances and funny videos!
Episode 2- Music
This episode of “Bull’s Eye” shines a spotlight on the power of music. The contestants must test their knowledge of history’s most popular melodies! Who has what it takes to hit the bullseye?
Episode 3- Hockey
This episode of “Bull’s Eye” explores hockey, one of Canada’s favourite pastimes. In a series of fun and creative challenges, Indigenous youth are encouraged to look at the intersections between sport and culture.
Episode 4- Food
This episode of “Bull’s Eye” explores food, something everyone loves! Indigenous youth test their knowledge as it relates to recipes, ingredients and culinary traditions.
Episode 5- Sports
This episode of “Bull’s Eye” explores the amazing thrill of sports! Can the contestants bring out their competitive sides in order to win the game?
Episode 6- Science
In this episode of “Bull’s Eye,” Indigenous youth tackle unusual challenges and answer perplexing questions on the theme of science. What kinds of discoveries and experiments will be revealed?
Episode 7- Hunting
This episode of “Bull’s Eye” follows Indigenous youth as they explore the theme of hunting in a series of unique challenges. Watch them test their knowledge of wild game, hunting equipment and traditional methods!
Episode 8- Transportation
This episode of “Bull’s Eye” explores the theme of transportation! The Indigenous contestants test their cultural knowledge through a series of perplexing questions. Who will rise to the challenge?
Episode 9- Art
In this episode of “Bull’s Eye,” Indigenous youth explore the theme of art. Tune in to see the young contestants test their knowledge of art and culture through a series of fun and mind-bending challenges.
Episode 10- Show Business
Tune in to this episode of “Bull’s Eye” to sharpen your knowledge of show business and pop culture! Indigenous youth must face off to test their skills through a series of fun and clever challenges.
Episode 11- Dance
In this episode of “Bull’s Eye,” Indigenous youth explore the toe-tapping theme of dance! The contestants must strut their stuff to complete a series of fun and creative challenges.
Episode 12- Authors
This episode of “Bull’s Eye” explores art and literature through this week's theme of authors! Tune in to see what challenging questions are presented to the Indigenous youth. Which team will rise to the top?
Episode 13- Social Media
In the season finale of “Bull’s Eye,” Indigenous youth answer puzzling questions around the theme of social media. The young contestants must square off to complete fun and fast-paced challenges.