Season 1 | Bones of Crows


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Season 1

Episode 1 - To Be Starved
Cree piano prodigy Aline Spears and her siblings are taken from their family home as children and forced into residential school. Spears, now a World War II code talker, and her husband, Adam Wallach, confront the spectres of their pasts.
Episode 2 - To Be Separated
Aline reconnects with her sister, Perseverance, who has fallen into trouble with the law. Their reunion brings back memories of a daring attempt to escape from residential school and its irrevocable consequences on all four Spears siblings.
Episode 3 - To Be Denied
Aline struggles to support her family while Adam, denied his veteran’s pension, is cast adrift. When their children, Jake and Taylor, take action against a local priest, Aline experiences a crisis of faith.
Episode 4 - To Let Go
While continuing her work with the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, Taylor returns to her childhood home. A tense Thanksgiving dinner between the family spurs Jake to reach out to his father’s family.
Episode 5 - To Be Here
Taylor and Aline travel to the Vatican, where Aline confronts her past and makes a pivotal discovery. Jake joins his family’s work, and a concert becomes an opportunity to reconnect and heal. Through art and music, the entire Spears family comes together.