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About underEXPOSED

underEXPOSED follows a team of action sport photo journalists and documents the adrenaline-packed challenges they face to get the shots and the struggles they have to find and sell the next big extreme sports story.

In season three of underEXPOSED, 22 year-old Grace Dove, an Aboriginal woman is determined to become action sports photography’s next rising star. There are more than just huge waves, steep cliffs and sand dunes in Grace’s way. Her photography skills need work, she doesn’t know the right people and despite spending a season under the guidance of talented photographer Mason Mashon, she has yet to make her first sale. Grace has a plan to focus on rising stars – athletes who, like her, are on their way up. She needs to take that epic photo, the one that will launch her career.

This finale season is the make or break year for Grace. She is determined to become an accomplished action sports photographer and needs to be the complete package – a photojournalist who can get the epic action shot, take the awesome portrait and write a compelling article. While she still has to push the boundaries to get that extreme action shot, she needs to learn to be a “story teller” to connect her photos with the subject and action. Grace will stand on her own but still reach out to established professionals like Mark Gallup and Nadya Kwandibens, an Ojibe Photographer who is getting noticed as an acclaimed portrait and cultural photographer.